361 361_ () 361 361 This was a good morning as far as Hilde is concerned (actually as far as everyone is concerned, aside from not being able to raise my voice for dramatic effect). Hilde did not poop inside once.

The mornings have been the toughest. She only has accidents in the morning, when I first let her outside and then don’t wait out there long enough. She comes back in, I get into my morning rituals and invariably I find a pile of poo somehwere (and very rarely on the hardwood. I have three area rugs. The ENTIRE rest of the house is hardwood and she poops on those three rugs). The rest of the day goes just fine and I’m learning it’s all about timing and body language. She does great in her kennel and I’m confident this is helping with the housebreaking.

Yesterday, unfortunately, Charlie and Augie came downstairs before I woke up. I took the morning off of exercise since I was struggling with the allergies, and the boys nudged into the warm bed with me and Paul. They failed to mention they let Hilde out of her kennel. I found out later through the Trail of (My) Tears.

An entire tube of Clorox wipes later, I decided that was IT. I would stop this cycle of a.m. house deposits once and for all. This morning I shadowed her like a hawk. Everytime she even thought about bending her hind legs I spirited her “outside, OUTSIDE HILDE.”

It worked. No accidents. Just me spending pretty much the whole early morning going in and out, but highly worth it. We love Hilde. We love her more when she poops outside. 361″> .



  1. Ruth Anne Adams says:

    So you’ve actually purchased the Clorox wipes? I’ll bet you bought them in bulk!

  2. We just went through this with our Beagle puppy. He’s 9 months old now by some miracle of God — and yes, he poops outside.

  3. What kind of do is she? Cute name. Make you want another newborn too? Miss you.

  4. Rachel Swenson Balducci says:

    Hilde is a German Shorthaired Pointer (that’s GSP to you). She’s a cutie. R