Life Goes On

373 373_ () 373 373 I had a meeting tonight and agreed (selfishly) to host Elliott’s Cub Scout pack at our home. Since dads go to these twice-monthly meetings, this would save me getting a sitter. Paul could be at the meeting and at home!

Then my meeting got cancelled.

So here I am, huddled at the computer, the sound of nine screaming Cub Scouts (and their dads) out in the backyard. They were all in the front room, but moved outside for some kind of stamina- friendship- lung-building exercise.

It doesn’t even phase me that I’m the only woman in a house filled with males (21 males to be exact). It’s really more of the same. Just A LOT more of the same.

In other news: thank you all for your kind words of support. We are grieving the loss of our Sweet Hilde but rejoicing that she opened the door for us to the world of pets. When I see her “softie,” her stuffed giraffe still in the crate, I fight back tears; and today, when I picked up a stuffed animal she enjoyed chewing and it smelled like her, I started to cry (interestingly enough, when I look at my jute rug I don’t feel all that melancholy).

Hilde was a dear. She brought us SO MUCH joy in her short little life. Thank you God for your beautiful creatures. St. Francis, give her a kiss for me. 373″>



  1. Such a tender sentiment.
    Thanks. I love you,

  2. Rachel Swenson Balducci says:

    Thanks Dad. I love you too.