Ebony and Ivory


  1. I see your old friend beard is back! Congratulations on the newest Balducci-such happy news!
    I have 2 children born in January and I really came to appreciate Mary. It would have been pretty hard to covince me to ride on a donkey and give birth in a stable. What a woman!


  2. I love this photo. I can relate… People have actually asked me if my youngest is mine (I have black hair, his is strawberry blonde).

  3. AnotherCoward says

    … Beard …

    It’d be cool if I could grow a beard that was holy … as it is, my beard when grown is decidedly an un-cool holey.

    (Dang typos – comment deleted was mine.)

  4. In China I have been asked several times why Myles’ hair is so light and Randy’s and mine are not. I can imagine the looks and constant photographing of your rainbow assortment of hair colors in your family.