The Land of Milk and Cereal

784 784_ () 784 784 So here I am, just a few weeks into this, and feeling totally. gross. Which, as I remember, is par for my course. It’s just, it takes you off guard feeling so non-stop queasy and tired.

Today, I did everything with a sleeve of saltines and a can of gingerale well within my reach. That helped a lot. But still, it’s not the same. I’m not complaining — I’m so very happy. Just amazed is all.

The good news is that the boys — all of them — are being forced to pitch in. We do have our chores around here, but I am amazed, now that I’m moving slow, at how much I really do in the grand scheme of home life (like all mothers everywhere). Last night I was in bed by 7:30 pm, which required me saying to the boys, “there are four things that need to be done: vacuum the front room; clear the table; load the dishwasher; pick up the playroom. Pick one please.” And it worked beautifully.

Dinner tonight was not such smooth sailing. The boys were fine, but I was a no-show. Yesterday, I cooked a ham that wasn’t ready quite in time for dinner. So I set it aside for tonight. Except, everytime I went to get the ham ready today, I thought I would throw. up. I just couldn’t even think about it. So I called Paul and asked if he would pick something up for us. And then I called in an order to the local sandwich shop and ordered two Wasabi Tuna sandwiches. They said it would be ready in ten minutes and I said could they hold it for 45 minutes and Paul would get it on the way home. They asked if I could call back to remind them.

In the meantime, I started making frozen waffles for the boys, feeling a (very slight) tinge of guilt. Frozen foods for you; hot and greasy for me.

And I started thinking about that tuna. And it sounded gross. So when I called back, to remind them to put in my order, I explained the situation and asked if I could please change my order. To a cheeseburger.

When Paul got home and the boys saw us opening the boxes, they seemed alarmed.

“What is that,” asked Charlie.

“Dinner,” I said, bracing myself.

“What are we having,” he asked, eyeing the tuna sandwich.

“Waffles,” I said.

“Whew,” he said, relieved.


Thanks to all of you for your kind comments and encouragement. We are so excited. The baby is due in July, and I realize we’re breaking this news pretty early. But we had what seemed like complications yesterday (hence the songram so early) and I was so happy that everything was alright I wanted to share.

We do have a long way to go, but I also realized that if anything was to go wrong, I wouldn’t be able to self-edit something so big. So I’d rather have your prayers now, for smooth sailing from here on out. 784″>



  1. I share your queasiness, except this is my first time around so despite all the warnings from friends and the books – it still took me by surprise!
    Pregnancy is hard work, but it all looks very worth it to me! Prayers for you and yours!

  2. KatieButler says

    We’ve had waffles for dinner in our house on occasion and I wasn’t even expecting! 😉
    Prayers for an uncomplicated pregnancy and that the nausea passes soon.

  3. For your queasiness, try Salt and Vinegar Chips. I know it sound bad, but it really does work. I had morning sickness so bad I had to go on IV’s for the first 3 months and the only thing I could keep down was Salt and Vinegar chips, my home nurse told me about it and it really worked. Give it a try.

    I am so happy for you, my prayers are with you daily.

  4. 4andcounting says

    Congratulations! Prayers will be said for health for both of you. Having children in the home when expecting another child takes the experience to a whole new level. Those young ones have such unbridled joy (most of the time anyway). And frozen waffles are good anytime when you’re a kid. At least to my kids.

  5. Saltines and water were what I lived on at first with this pregnancy. It was far worse than my previous two, which has everyone assuming that this is “finally” a girl (Rachel, are you getting these comments yet?)

    I actually lost like 8lbs. in the beginning.

    Anyway, isn’t pregnancy during Advent great? I feel like Mary and I can share our excitement!

  6. Congratulations!! I just got past the nausea in my pregnancy (6th baby, due mid May) and I really feel for you. I will be praying for you!

    I think it’s really good for our kids to learn to pitch in. Especially now, it’s like they are helping take care of Mary when she was pregnant with Jesus.

    You know, they say the nausea is worse if it’s a girl, that’s been true for me. If it’s a girl do you have to change the name of your blog? 😉

  7. I meant to mention, are you taking prenatal vitamins? They made me so sick I couldn’t get off the floor. It was a lot better after I stopped the vitamins.

  8. Rachel,
    Congratulations on your precious bundle! As a mom w/3 young sons, I must admit (like another commenter), that I was tickled pink! As for the morning sickness, my sickness varied greatly w/all 3 boys…so I say who knows and do whatever works for you!!

    Congrats again!

  9. OK here are the remedies I can offer that I have gathered from midwives and friends that I share with everyone as you never know which one will work.

    1. Ginger Ale and Crackers
    2. Ginger capsules. Worked for #3 but now I hate the flavor of ginger. Oh well.
    3. Ginger tea (ginger is a big one for anti-nausea I guess)
    4. Baked potato.
    5. Eating extra cold cheese first thing in the morning before the crackers.
    6. (The strangest one I had ever heard, but it worked for #2) A fresh orange before bed. No OJ or canned oranges. Has to be fresh and has to be before bed. Unless you have evening sickness then you are supposed to eat it 1st thing in the morning.

    Keep on truckin’ (not chuckin’):^)!
    Our prayers are with you!

  10. MyHusbandRules says

    That’s fantastic, I’m so excited for you! Good luck!

  11. Love your blog and will love to follow along on this odyssey with you. I’m due in late June/early July with #6. Like you, I have a very cool lawyer-husband and we send our kids to Catholic schools in our Midwestern hamlet. In the meantime, wanna have a gingerale chugging contest? And cold cereal has become my best friend for dinner here, too until further notice. I get it.

  12. Congratulations! I hope your sickness passes quickly! In the meantime, I’ll probably be suffering along with you as we are expecting in early August.

    As this is my second pregnancy this yera (the first ending sadly in miscarriage) my dear 3-year old boy will have spend MANY hours this year watching Noggin while nausea keeps me glued to the couch, and I serve up wonders like canned soup and a slew of frozen and proccessed foods for dinner, if anything at all.

    And I will be sure to pray for your little one!

  13. WOW! Wonderful!!! Congrats from here and prayers for smooth sailing.

  14. Glad to hear that all is going well, except with your stomach! I am 18 weeks along and still cannot contemplate ham, never mind look at it, smell it, eat it. Especially deli ham (and, of course, that is the only meat product my picky 20-month old eats).

  15. When my morning sickness was bad, sour lemon candy was the only thing that helped. Keeping my stomach full was important. if i ever got hungry there was no going back…

  16. 4andcounting says

    Okay, I’m beginning to feel like the only person not pregnant in Catholic blogland. And even though I know not one of you at all (just started reading this blog last week) I must say I am very excited for all of you. Pregnancy is so exciting.
    As for sickness, I have not had to deal with that trial in 4 pregnancies. I had a little queasiness, but I started taking my vitamin right before bed and that seemed to solve the problem.
    good luck!

  17. Rach~
    Oh, can I ever relate to the sickness…. with this one, I wasn’t sure it was ever going to pass. I will have to agree with the others, that morning sickness is much much worse with girls. But if you have had morning sickness like this before, then nevermind.
    I can’t believe I only have 3 months left (ahhhh, cant wait to feel that weight lifted during surgery).
    Jim and I are thrilled for y’all and big rounds of applause for your kids for pitching in so well.
    It just dawned on me, do you ever feel like the queen bee? Having all those drones taking such good care of you?
    OH, one last thing… spicy tuna and wasabi sauce complete with ginger slices and soy sauce totally rock when you are feeling gross. But not much more than about 2 times. :o(
    Hang in there! xoxo mg