Christmas Card 2006: No Luck Yet


  1. I think that one is quite perfect.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There’s one in every family. We have one, too.

  3. I agree with ambrose…unless you send cards out to people who DON’T know your kids… but everyone who does will very much appreciate it.
    :o) mg

  4. Ruth Anne Adams says:

    Just send out Alan, Wayne and Merrill to take care of that cut-up Donny. Next year? Marie!

  5. I think it’s a PERFECT picture! SO much personality!!


  6. Looks like a keeper to me!

  7. From one mom-of-4-boys to another, I love it.

  8. Boy, don’t I feel your pain! lol

    However, I must say if I received one of these pics in a card it would just make me smile and I would thoroughly enjoy seeing it :o)

  9. Ruth Anne Adams says:


    Congrats for being a finalist in the Best of the Web contest! Hooray!

    Don’t be shy. Promote it!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Such a nice family – what a lucky little boy or girl this Number 5 will be!

  11. Hello to a fellow Mom of many boys (okay, I only have two, but they’re 10 month old twins so it feels like more most of the time)! I found your blog on the Weblog finalist list. And now I see I’m not the only one with hundreds of Christmas card photo rejects! Ha! (today’s post on my blog has one of ours – I’m going ot link to your tomorrow – it’s hilarious!) Keep up the good writing! SeaBird

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’d much more enjoy a photo like this than one of them dressed in suits and ties looking like something out of a wax museum.

  13. Hypatia 370 says:

    If I pulled this out of mailbox it would leave me smiling all day and every time I thought of it. You got lucky. This pic looks like something you’ll treasure next year and all the years after. As for your boys: Wow! Talk about the gift that keeps on giving! PRINT!

  14. Thank you so much for posting this picture. I just paid a professional photographer to take what seemed like five gazillian pictures, and in the very few that my darling little crapweasel wasn’t making stupid faces, the other four were so tired of forcing smiles that they all look pained… and/or constipated. Now I don’t feel like the only one. Amy K.

  15. I think it’s great!!!