Hormones Make Me Sick

804 804_ () 804 804 The last few days have been rough ones in the fun game called What Shade Of Green Is Rachel? This weekend was actually really good (I even cooked for a party Saturday night, somehow, and was amazed and delighted at all the food I had in the fridge. It had been a while).

Monday things went downhill, which is good. Because the good days, while good, start to make me worry that everything is going too well which equals miscarriage. And then, just when I convince myself not to get attached to the idea of a new baby, I’ll have a surge that reminds me that, no, not to worry, you are plenty sick and trucking along just fine.

Monday night Paul and I did some Christmas shopping (which left Ethan only 40 percent sure that Santa exists; otherwise, why would we need to shop?). I felt like I was white-knuckling it the entire evening, and by the time we got home my temples were pounding from chomping my minty gum so hard. And in the end I think I wound up buying four pairs of Thor-lo socks. All that agony for socks? Sheesh!

Yesterday was another tough day, but I did manage to provide a hot meal (of pancakes) for my family (as we had run out of cereal). Tonight, here I am typing while sucking on a saltine and trying to prepare myself for a Christmas party where the red wine will flow freely and we’ll be bringing our favorite crab dip. Normally I’d be counting down the minutes until the sitter got here. Instead, I’m eyeing my sleeve of crackers and wondering if I can hide it in a festive holiday cover, in the unlikely event that I can get a move on.

In other, more fun news (and sorry if you don’t like reading about how gross I feel, but I have gone three or four days without mentioning it, no?): we got professional pictures taken yesterday, and then I took all the boys to get their flu shots today.

Can you guess which of the two was more unpleasant? If you guessed the pictures, you’re absolutely right.

The positive side was that I didn’t have to chase the boys or wrestle them to the ground to make them sit still. They sat just fine. But the faces they made were not to be believed. If one was smiling properly, then three had their eyes shut and heads rolled back. If two had their hands in the right place, then two were trying to slide their feet into someone else’s territory.

We were outside for these pictures, and in the end, the only threat that pulled any weight was when I told the boys that if they couldn’t do what the photographer said, we wouldn’t walk down to the water to see the ducks. That did it. They hopped-to faster than if I had said Walker Texas Ranger was on the t.v.

As for the flu shot, not as much to report. Everyone took it like a man (more or less) and the promise of a milkshake was more than enough to calm any post-traumatic stress (myself included).

At some point during each of the activities, when things got a little crazy and my frustration levels maxed, I started to ask the boys why they couldn’t just act normal.

And then, before the words left my mouth, I realized they were. And that somehow comforted me, even if just a little. 804″>



  1. Michelle Halpin says

    I can commiserate with the picture taking fiasco. I recently tried to get my three, one of whom is an infant, to take a portrait together. It’s the worst picture I’ve ever seen! Every time two of them were cooperating, the third wasn’t. I finally just gave up and took what I could get.

    Love reading your blog, BTW! Congrats on the pregnancy!

    Michelle H.

  2. Stephen Joseph says


    Congrats on the pregnancy! My wife is due in 3 weeks with #5. We have one girl and three boys. I know (ok, only by helping my wife) that morning sickness is no fun. But how about offering it up for several of our friends who are having great difficulty conceiving? One couple has only one child and despite great pressure is resisting IVF. Another couple with two children has been trying for years to have another. Finally, close friends of ours just adopted because they are unable to conceive and wouldn’t go the IVF route. This is taking place in a parish where most couples announce “we’re done!” after two and get vascectomies etc. I know it’s awful to be sick, but we know many women who’d love to be in your situation. Ok, enough preaching. Thanks so much for this site – we love it. You’re doing great work. If you’re ever in Chicago, please look us up.


    Steve and Elisa

  3. So this is #5? WOW! Congrats! I have 3 testorone driven children, and I have to say that your brave taking them to get their pictures taken all together 😉

    I hope they turned out just like you hoped 🙂

    Saltines!! I lived on those for 3 months I think when I had my third :p

    Try to enjoy some mommie time in there somewhere!

  4. Hey, Steve- that was spoken like a man who does not understand pregnancy. Rachel sounds just as excited as she is sick. I have not once felt any regrets with her SITUATION. She has let us all feel apart of a day in the life of a woman and a mother. I know I am excited about her pregnancy, her morning(afternoon-evening)sickness and all the stories that she share with us even if I am not able to be in her Situation.