Parting = Sweet Sorrow

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I want to keep the tree up until Epiphany. But the tree? She wants to rest in peace. She’s telling me with her hacking cough and dry, brittle fingers. But in her day, she was a beauty. I think it was Paul’s favorite tree ever (and our biggest to date). He and Ethan picked it out — we all went to the tree farm, but I was a little distracted with the urge to move very slowly and not be sick. You did good, boys! 832″>



  1. Amy Parris says:

    In the picture it still looks angelic!

  2. Rachel Swenson Balducci says:


  3. King Tiger says:

    Ditto what amy says. We went “natural” for our first two trees and planted both. Then we attempted a cut tree only to spend the better part of January and February (we leave it up thru Epiphany too) vaccuuming up needles in the carpet. Now we have a nice “fake” tree that the cats are enamored with but doesnt shed needles and pine tar. Ahhh, progress.
    BTW – both pines are over 15 feet tall, one in the front yard and one in the back.