Blog Awards

884 884_ () 884 884 Voting is now open at The Catholic Blog Awards.

Thanks to those who nominated me! I am honored and humbled to be nominated in four categories, including (Most Spiritual Blog is not among them; Paul thinks that might have something to do with my recent use of the words toot, gas, and Nachooooo Libre).

Go see the full list of nominated blogs here. There are some good ones! 884″> ?



  1. Multi congrats to you! I found out I was nominated while I was there voting for you:).

  2. I am so glad I found your blog. I’ve read a couple of entries and have been teary-eyed. I have three boys four and under and am loving reading about yours. Keep up the good work!

  3. Super congrats! Your blog is so great!
    I am laughing so hard at the toot, gas, Nacho Libre reference. You are too funny!

  4. congrats on the nomination! Those of us whom are “unofficial bloggers” cannot vote, but the Best of Luck!

  5. Ruth Anne Adams says:

    I’m getting the big “shame, shame” fingers when I try to follow your links.