Phat Tuesday

895 895_ () 895 895 I’m sitting at my desk, thinking about Lent and life and the morning I just had. And eating my husband’s ice-cream, one of two cartons I bought “for us” and then proceeded to sneak here and there until his entire pint is now almost gone (sorry, Paul. I love you!). I ate mine a few days ago and the motto around here when it comes to ice-cream? You snooze, you lose (and then I gain. Five pounds).

For Lent, I think laying off the sweets is in order.

It’s an interesting perspective, being pregnant for Lent. I keep thinking about a year in college that I gave up all kinds of things — meat, bread, sweets, you name it. My roommates and I were so motivated to do. We fasted and exercised and prayed and attended daily Mass. What a year!

And here I am this Lent giving up…my body. It’s not a huge sacrifice, of course, but being pregnant means not being able to shoot the moon when it comes to Lenten discipline. I can’t get crazy with what I give up or what I take on. It would be selfish.

While I normally think of Lent as a chance to *really* get started on those New Year’s Resolutions (no, I’m serious this time!), Lent 2007 won’t be ushered in by me getting up at the crack of dawn for physical self-discipline. There is no road-race in my immediate future.

In theory, I suppose I could still get up early and do all kinds of things. But these days, I am clearly hearing God tell me (in large part through the wisdom of others) to practice His presence by slowing down. I’ll admit this is an even greater challenge for me.

Sunday, after our fun “shopping” outing, I came home and layed on the couch and didn’t get up until dinner time. I watched part of a movie, then an entire college basketball game (my brother Josh works for the team and we got to see him on T.V.), then another movie. My resting was only disturbed by (frequent) breaks for R&R (restroom and refreshments).

I wish I could say I felt like a sloth — but I didn’t. Of course, at the end of the day I was frustrated with my lack of “accomplishment” but I had to remind myself, that was the accomplishment — that I allowed myself the luxury of growing a baby. The fast pace of life will be waiting with open arms when it’s time to go back.

So what will we be doing this Lent? Of course as a family, the usual — turning off the T.V. (once we are done with this throw-up bug); no meat on Friday; Stations of the Cross Friday evenings; and we’ll all do our own little mortifications with the candy and sweets.

And then, we’ll simply practice His Presence. I’m going to slow down enough to hear His voice, and see where we go from here. 895″



  1. Slowing down is one of the hardest things to do, specially in this fast track world we live in. Sometimes it seems like someone pushed the fast forward button and forgot to tell us! But it is in those quiet and slow moments that we can really hear God. I think that is why sometimes we do not want to slow down and listen … I hope you all have a very fruitfull lent. I just stocked up (ate) my last bit of thin mints to help me make it through lent … Giving up sweets sounds like such a cliche, but it IS SO HARD to do!!

  2. MyHusbandRules says:

    I’m in the midst of my first pregnancy (just a few weeks behind you) and my first lent as well. And I suddenly realized this AM…”Wow…fasting is right out.” Which sounds dumb, but it’s the first Ash Wed in a long time that I’m not fasting. So your post really resonated!

  3. I’m flailing.. I still have no idea what to give up… sweets.. going out to eat… I jokingly told Jim that I would give up being pregnant (since I am due in a week) for Lent.
    Some years are just more well-planned than others aren’t they?
    :o| mg