What We All Did This Morning

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Photo by Elliott.

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  1. Michelle Halpin says:

    Are you still Testosterhome? 🙂 Are will you have to add a little Estrogen to the mix? That must’ve been the 20ish week ultrasound, right? Do you find out the sex of your babies beforehand?

    Love your blog, am a regular reader, and I link you often because your posts are so “real”. Congrats on this pregnancy, BTW!

  2. Margaret in Minnesota says:

    How beautiful.

  3. So pretty!!! Another little gentleman or a young lady? I personally am so impatient and like to find out ahead of time, but a surprise at the end is even more wonderful! Either way, many more blessings to you! Love the blog. :o)

  4. Looks like your young boy is comfortably entering the world of bloggin. What joy and what expectation for all of you to view baby in action! Hope the pregnancy is moving along well. Michelle

  5. Move over UMBERT, Balducci baby is about to make a debut! –

  6. Aren’t those addictive? That and doppler heartbeat

  7. Anonymous says:

    As many times as I have had sonograms, I can never figure those things out too well. For example, from this angle, it looks as if the newest Balducci has an alligator-shaped head. LOL
    I am sure that is just an illusion.
    Seriously, I hope all is well. It never fails to bring tears to my eyes when I go for sonograms.

  8. 🙂 I love ultrasounds! We had ours recently and our two boys had a great time. Every five minutes or so, Josh, our 4 year old, would tell me, “You’re doing great, Momma!” We didn’t find out, but I wonder if you did.

  9. 4andcounting says:

    So cool! Seeing things like this almost makes me ready to have another one. 🙂

  10. Ruth Anne Adams says:

    I approached the 20 week ultrasound with trepidation because it’s when my friend learned of her daughter’s heart condition that’s often linked with Down syndrome [at birth they discovered she had Down as well] and when another acquaintance discovered anencephaly in her daughter, knowing that she would surely die within a day or so of birth if she survived that long [she did and died within 24 hours of a full-term birth, after being baptized and confirmed. It was the most life-affirming funeral you’d ever expect]. On my 20 week ultrasound, we found baby #3 hiding out. Glad your 20 week was blessedly uneventful all is well in Balducci-baby-bubble.