Augie is Five!

937 937_ () 937 937 It’s really incredible for me to think about the “baby” being five. It seems within the last year we have turned a corner. I am no longer the mother of a bunch of tiny little boys; I have a bunch of boys of course, but we’ve left the tiny part behind, and the little for the most part too (relatively speaking anyway).

When Augie was born (as I mention here often), Ethan was five and everyone just stair-stepped down from there. For so long, I thought my life would always be defined in terms of having lots of little ones. And then, incredibly, that season changes. Yes we have another baby on the way, but this is a totally different time in our life. We are enjoying it very much. We enjoyed the other season, too, but boy was it hard work.

And now the youngest is five. Augie and I have a special relationship; we’ve had a lot more one-on-one time together and do a lot of things I couldn’t do when they were all little. And while I’m excited about Augie starting kindergarten next year, there is a little piece of my heart that just crumbles at the thought.




  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Augie! My youngest (of four too) will be five in May. And my husband and I are hoping to have another baby. So I’m not alone here – beginning to think that I’m crazy to start all over again. I really enjoy your blog.

  2. Happy Birthday to Mom and Augie both!

  3. Suzanne Temple says:

    Happy Birthday, Augie!

  4. Happy Birthday, Augie! Five is a really good year 🙂

  5. Allison Kennedy says:

    Hi, Rach–I love these photos, especially the last one. Wow. Happy birthday to the growing boy!

  6. Michelle says:

    Best wishes and many blessings to the birthday boy! Five is one whole hand Augie! Rachel, is that portrait pencil or charcoal? It is beautiful – Was it done by a local talent?

  7. Rachel Swenson Balducci says:

    Thank you all for the well wishes!

    Michelle, the portrait is by local talent — Chuck E. Cheese! Can you believe how good it looks? I was seriously considering doing one of all the boys for a Christmas card. All for one token!

  8. Joanne B says:

    What a heartwarming portrait! Especially because it’s so unusual to see a little boy smiling when he gets kissed! 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    I know it seems strange, but I agree with you about the ol CEC “portraits”. They are the best.

  10. No way Jose!! That is pretty amazing. Do they offer those for the birthday child or do I have to place a special request with Chuck E? At a token a pop, I believe the Christmas card idea is a must! Thanks for the tip –

  11. Pete or Kathryn says:

    Happy Birthday Augie!!!

  12. Rachel Swenson Balducci says:


    The picture is done as one of the “games,” where you simply go in the booth and put in your token and sit. It’s just one of the 30 activities available there on the main floor.

  13. I am dumbfounded. I guess it is obvious I haven’t been to CEC in a while. My vaguest memories include the smell of sweaty kids and cheese pizza mixed with high decibels of noise, topped off with a big mouse/rat dancing around. So, this makes all much better. It might even be worth a trip there. I think my son still has some left over tokens from way back that we could put to good use.