They’re On To Me

918 918_ () 918 918 Elliott: Mom, this Easter do we all have to dress the same?

Me: What do you think?

Elliott: Yes.

Where do they get these ideas? 918″>



  1. You have SUCH adorable boys! Just stumbled across your blog and wanted to let you know I really enjoy it!

  2. They are SO cute! We do it at our house too, occassionally. My personal way of thinking: If God didn’t want mine to dress alike sometimes, then RalphLauren wouldn’t make the same sweater in multiple sizes!

    My boys get the idea too. When the two boys were lobbying for another baby, and I said “no” one of them tried to cajole me by pointing out that if we got another baby then our family would be “symetrical, and you know you like things to match”! I don’t know what grabbed my attention more, that he knew the word “symetrical” or that he knew how to manage me!

  3. Good thing you reminded me … must shop for Easter clothes. Got any suggestions on where to go for boys clothes? (girls are easy)

  4. Michelle says:

    Rachel: the more I read your blog, the more I realize this is prime material for a great sitcom … Maybe EWTN might be interested 🙂 I don’t think we have a pro-life,pro-family tv show worth our time any more. I remember growing up watching the Cosby Show and others that slip my mind. Seriously, I think you are on to something.

  5. Rachel Swenson Balducci says:

    Terri, thanks!

    Lucy, I love that and totally agree with that sentiment.

    Martha: see, Lucy. I agree that Ralph Lauren is a good one (because they have matching clothes that run from infant up to big kids). I have good luck at Dillards for that very reason. Now that Augie is out of the toddler stuff, though, I can get the matching shirts, etc at Target or Gap, too!

    Michelle, maybe I should start shopping some ideas?

  6. Michelle says:

    Sitcom or maybe comic strip (think Calvin and Hobbs type …) what ever that can get the pro-life, pro-family message accross to the masses … the sky is the limit. Do you know of any good illustrators? I don’t know, it is just a thought. Call me crazy if you wish. I won’t take it personally 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey Ralph makes mens too! They match to boys things. I always try to include my husband with boys. The funny thing is my oldest never notices till he sees a picture. Then he says ” look mom they have the same shirt as I do.” Bless his heart- he is not very attentive to detail ( or much of anything going on around him). Bridgit

  8. Jennifer says:

    I like the seersucker pants the best!

  9. HannaAndersson usually has a few outfits that match, even across genders! Especially around the holidays. Not cheap, but they do last forever and look like new after three kids have worn them hard.

    Oooo, and the striped Hanna pajamas (officially “long johns”) are the most fabulous things EVER! Eerily comfortable, and kids hate giving them up. I hear a lot of “You know, we COULD just wear our pajamas all day today, right?” I have to bribe mine out of the “Christmas” pajamas with a set in “normal” colors.

  10. Ruth Anne Adams says:

    Just think…if baby #5 is a girl, you’re gonna’ look an awful lot like Mommie Dearest when you pull that dress-the-same act.

  11. Anonymous says:

    madras, the style for this spring is madras …. he he

  12. Miss Mommy says:

    I love Fresh Produce, especially if you live in the South!

    You can find grandmother/granddaugter outfits.