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970 970_ () 970 970 I took the boys for a(nother) long over-due trip to the barber today. I start to experience slight tinges of guilt leading up to these days because they ask me, every time, if they can start growing their hair out for the summer after this trip. No matter when we go to the barber. Even if summer just ended, they want to already be growing out their hair.

Last time we went, at the start of Lent, I thought maybe that would be the last cut before summer. And I think I may have even told the boys as much. But lo and behold, all the milk I forcefeed everyone is doing the trick. Yesterday, we finally remembered to trim nails (“I have hobbit feet!” remarked one boy. And he was absolutely right.). And today I realized that with Elliott’s First Communion two weeks away, there would indeed be another shorning before summer.

Even with all their pleading for summertime growth, the truth is that the boys will still get haircuts in the summer too. They should be grateful; as the barber so frankly told them today, most boys get the Ultimate Haircut at the onset of summer (aka Buzz). While we don’t do that, except in cases of emergency (i.e. self-inflicted haircuts), by the time swim team rolls around the boys can’t see past their goggles when all that long flowy hair gets in the way. And off we go to the barber again.

I’m sure the boys are starting to catch on to the reality of their life which is a) our school has a strictly-enforced Hair Code and b) so does their father. It’s called a Boy’s Haircut.

One thing I do love about taking them to the barber (besides getting to torture all four of them at one time) is the utter Manliness of the whole scene.

Today, as Elliott waited for his turn in the chair, he settled on a copy of Hunting magazine to pass the time.

Guns and Ammo is better than this,” he said flipping the pages. He read quietly for a minute and then turned to me. “I was on fire today in Math. You wouldn’t believe.”

As the last of the boys were finishing up, a woman walked in with her son, who was around Ethan’s age.

“Can you trim him up,” she said of her boy, whose hair was silky straight and flowing into his eyes, below his ears and well past his collar. He was styling.

“Can’t do it,” said Pat the Barber, taking one look at the boy. “I can only do a boys haircut.” 970″ ,



  1. Just little ole me says:

    I always feel like I am entering some forbidden zone! Love short cuts on boys…too messy when its long and all over the place. I like seeing their faces! Call me crazy!

  2. Heather in Boise says:

    Love it! I am not into the 70’s-style longer hair come back. My little guy is only 3 (almost), so doesn’t have much of an opinion on his hair…yet! I am into short! I take him in, and it is a simple-2 on the sides, 3 across the top. Speaking of which, he really needs a hair cut. A before and after pic would be fun!

  3. probably no surprise, but in our family, the strictly enforced hair code from dad is the opposite of your family’s. Daddy hates short hair, and any time I’ve gotten Myles a boy haircut I’ve been in the doghouse.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ah. I am suprised the boys would like long hair during the Summer. Goodness in Louisiana I was always wanted to get it cutr short because it was so hot

  5. Chris Mayhew says:

    To this day I seek out barber shops and keep it trimmed as closely as possible. It’s one of the last male bastions. Although, in a nod to moderninity my barber is female. Still feels like home though.

    All I can think when I see long hair on boys is “man, you’d get your tail kicked where I’m from with that hair” and I’m only 31, but from the South.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m with Heather… 2 on the sides, 3 on top. Nothing easier or cuter on my boys.
    :o) mg

  7. Ruth Anne Adams says:

    Chez Balducci: Mullet-free zone.

  8. Jennifer says:

    My barbershop is the kitchen. My sons (6 and 2) just got the Buzz. The older boy grows it out during the winter to stay warm and then cuts it short during the summer when it’s HOT. The 2 year old just got his first buzz. I never knew what big ears he had until 2 days ago! Plus, it is just so much easier to take car e of when it’s really short.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I buzz my boys’ hair…. it is cool, and the ticks have no place to hide. Besides, no spray bottle would ever be able to make that hair behave.