First Communion For Boys

972 972_ () 972 972 A reader emailed me recently asking about gift ideas for boys at First Communion.

Do you have any suggestions for a First Communion gift? I think he would like to have a book of lives of the saints for children or bible stories, but I don’t know which ones might be good. Or anything else that your older boys have liked?

Here are my suggestions:

1. Last Christmas, Elliott received this Bible from his godfather. He loves it. It includes stories from the Bible and is also beautifully illustrated (he has it in burgandy).

2. Because he has this Bible (which is Bible excerpts), we’re planning on giving him this Bible as a gift for his First Communion. This is a tradition with us; we got the same Bible for Ethan and had his name engraved on the front.

3. I also recommend this lovely Book of the Saints. This is the book my family had growing up, and we now have a copy in our home. The boys love it, especially the stories and pictures of saints with weapons and blood (and there are plenty).

4. I also considered getting this for Elliott. When I was little, I loved looking at my dad’s missal from his First Communion, which had this same mother-of-pearl cover.

Any other suggestions? 972″>



  1. Barb, sfo says

    We just gave our godchild a subscription to MagnifiKID magazine. It’s a little weekly missal, just right for late-second-graders, with the entire Mass including readings, prayers & gestures, as well as prayers & activities to do at home during the week. Plus–they get MAIL!

  2. Rachel Swenson Balducci says

    Here’s a comment from Scotch Meg (her password wasn’t working):

    Lots of ideas, depending on the child’s reading level. Here are a few:
    1) Vision book from Ignatius (reprints of older books). These are for advanced readers or for reading aloud
    2) Amy Welborn’s Book of Saints
    3) Amy Welborn’s Book of Heroes
    4) Pauline Press Fifty-Seven Saints
    5) Pauline Press comic book on JP II
    6) Pauling Press comic book on Padre Pio
    7) Tomie dePaolo book about St. Francis (good reading and within reach of many 2nd graders by this time of year)
    8) Tomie dePaolo book about St. Benedict and St. Scholastica
    9) Tomie dePaolo book about Our Lady
    10) concession to modern life — one of the lovely cartoon DVD’s about St. Francis, St. Bernadette, Our Lady’s appearance at Fatima, etc. I know you can get them through Pauline Press…

    (I have more ideas but don’t want to bore people)

    We were talking about a cousin’s upcoming 1st communion at dinner and BOTH my 11 yo (son) and 14 yo (daughter) suggested something about St. Francis — “because everyone loves him”.

  3. There are some great book ideas here and even though the original question came from someone asking about books I wanted to add a couple First Communion ideas that My husband and I have used for our sons ( and even some for our daughter) The first one was started by my parents when I was little. They bought my brother and I crucifixes for first Communion . These hung on our bedroom walls, only being taken down on Good Friday. I still have mine in my bedroom today. In addition to Crucifixes, I have bought gold tie tacks for my sons and a gold crucifix necklace for my daughter. Again these are things that they will be able to keep and use even as they get older .I also made a cake top for each with a Precious Moments figurine on it. these will hopefully be passed to their children someday
    As for nieces, nephews and cousins First Communion gifts, I love to shop Catholic book stores and get unique things.For one cousin ,who made is First Communion around Christmas time, I found a Fisher Price Nativity set.( He keeps it up all year on a shelf in his room.) I have also bought sets of CD’s with Bible stories or stories of saints,Sing along CD’s, Bible story play sets and other odd finds I have even been known to give a Bible character dress up set. Of course many Precious Moments figurines have also been given. I like to go for the unique because we have a descent size family and many buy prayer books, Bibles, Rosaries and things like that .I am known for Odd gifts but the kids seem to like them

  4. This is a good one too: Catholic Bible Stories, First Communion Edition from Our Sunday Visitor.

  5. I will be hitting the Catholic Bookstore Saturday morning to get my Sports-obsessed First Communicant Nephew a St. Christopher sports medal.

  6. Just little ole me says

    Our family tradition is their first rosary.

  7. Amy Giglio says

    a great book for boys is “The Squire and the Scroll” by an aouthor whose name escapes me. It’s about a young man who is apprenticed to a knight and the values his parents taught him (from a scroll he carries with him) save him from all manner of disasters. It’s about staying pure of heart. And there is a dragon. What more could an 8 year old boy want?

  8. jerseygirlmama says

    I know I am a girl because we had the same Lives of the Saints book growing up (I have no idea what happened to it) and the blood and weapons made me light headed. Now our second child will be our first son, so I guess I will need to get that for him.

    I second the rosaries. We had a big family one with beads as big as our little hands until First Communion when we got our own personal and “real grown-up” rosaries.

    Tomie de Paola’s story of Our Lady of Guadalupe has beautiful illustrations and that is a winner as well.

    I think Children’s Missals are always appropriate, now that a little boy or girl is in full communion with the church, they tend to want to know more of what is going on and these really help.