Another Great Weekly Update

992 992_ () 992 992 From Baby Gaga:

… you might be feeling a bit clumsy as pregnancy hormones have loosened your joints. Have you been feeling moodier as your body gets ready for the final phase of pregnancy?

Um, NO. WHAT MAKES YOU SAY THAT? And also? Could you please stop making so much noise. 992″>



  1. It was during my last pregnancy we made the switch to the fine old southern tradition of drinking out of mason jars…this was because I shattered every drinking glass we had. Almost every time I was in the kitchen it seemed I would knock one off the counter. I’m prepared for the next child though. Mason jars are cheap to replace and take more of a beating. 🙂

  2. Tallahassee Lassie says

    I agree with this statement. I keep spilling food all over my clothing.

  3. I have broken more dishes during my pregnancies! I am not allowed to touch our wedding china (which was my mother’s) when I am pregnant. We have had to replace all of our glasses little by little – twice – in the 8 years I have been bearing children!

    And spilling food! Yesterday we had fried eggs for breakfast and then headed over to church for Adoration. I kept my apron on because I put on my makeup, which is very “dusty,” in the car. When I was “dolled up” I took my apron off and found a HUGE dribble of egg down the front of my sweater. Luckily I wear a long veil in church, so it was covered (and there was no one else there except Jesus).

  4. My Husband Rules says

    I can’t tell you how happy I am to read these comments. I’ve started breaking glasses and no lunch (sigh, at work)is complete without my wearing food.

    I thought I was just losing my ever-lovin’ mind.