Chuck, He Does Not Disappoint

985 985_ () 985 985 8 p.m. and Ethan starts singing.

“Walker Time! Walker Tiiiimme! I love you Chuck!”

“I wonder what this one’s going to be about,” says Elliott.

“I think there are some bad guys and they want to shoot Chuck,” I say.

“But how do you know,” Elliott asks. I tell him to trust me.

And of course, I’m right.

(Added bonus: this time, the bad guys are NINJAS!) 985″



  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh, what IS it with people doing that?!! I’m right there with you-expecting my fifth at 36 weeks and people I have never even seen before in my life start telling me their horror stories! As if my last delivery wasn’t the most traumatic event in my life- I think I’ll take your advice and enjoy those Blizzards! crunch, crunch, crunch 🙂 Well, at least it gives me a different perspective now and I’ll know to keep MY mouth shut when someone pregnant shows up.:-)