How We Roll


  1. Ambrose says:

    HAHAHA you even label your sons.

  2. Tallahassee Lassie says:

    Nice! I have these same bags for my two sons. They are even momogrammed, but with their names, not initals. I love them. Go L.L. Bean!

  3. Michelle says:

    Ditto TL!! After spending money every single year for a new bookbag I decided to spend the extra and get the quality bookbags, the ones made out of that indestructible nylon. Monogramed as well, the coolest thing ever! This one should last at least 5 more years. Aren’t they lifetime guaranteed??

  4. Personally, I’m all about LLBean’s Adventure Duffles in attractive colors. Every one has their own different color so I can tell at a glance which bags go with which person. Ahhhhhh … I love a good photo of organization making the world a better place.

    Especially since everyone laughed wildly at me when I assigned colors, but then shut-up when they saw how eerily smooth the trips went after that 😛

  5. Allison Kennedy says:

    Happy mother’s day, Rach! (early.) and to think this new one almost made it in time.

  6. Rachel Swenson Balducci says:


    Come closer… I’ll label you too!

    Seriously, these bags rock. We also have a few of the duffels, which we use for longer trips (this was just an overnighter). Ethan and Elliott have had their bags since before they started Kindergarten. Ethan will get a new one next year for 5th grade.

    Thanks, Al, for the Mother’s Day wishes.


  7. Hi, Rachel!

    I am a long-time lurker and admirer of your blog. The winsome portrayal of your life with four boys and the Catholic faith has certainly been captivating to this Protestant mother of two boys!

    Thanks for encouraging and entertaining all of us out there in the trenches, and please consider yourself most eminently included in my latest blog entry, a tribute to mothers.

  8. Rachel Swenson Balducci says:

    Thank you so much gypmar. How kind of you!