I’ll Post Pictures When My Camera Reawakens

983 983_ () 983 983 This weekend was quite a time. We had our annual Cinco de Mayo party Friday night, which this year we also called “Dad’s 60th Birthday Party.” That was a lot of fun. It was nice that hosting a big party coincided with my nesting phase; I spent lots of time organizing random areas of the house, and loved every minute of it!

The party included snacks and wine and beer and lots and lots of wild and crazy people. Maybe I’ll show you guys a photo of my keg stand. It totally rocked.

The evening actually did end with me sprawled out on the couch, the last of the partygoers wandering past me. But of course, this was less about surpassing my limit of vino and more about surpassing my limit of being upright.

Saturday I spent recovering and also getting ready for Elliott’s First Communion. Paul took the boys to a movie while I met some writing deadlines, vacuumed up the last of the ground-in Texas sheet cake (maybe I shouldn’t have the one rug in the house be in the playroom?) and ordered Elliott’s cake for his special day.

Elliott had a very specific idea of what he wanted: chocolate cake, white icing, our vintage First Communion cake topper (from Paul’s First Communion so many moons ago), as well as a large basketball made of orange icing. Underneath he wanted it to say: First Communion All-Star. So that’s what he got. A picture of that will most definitely surface later.

Saturday was more or less relaxing, and Sunday was very nice. Elliott did wonderfully well, and asked me last night if we could go to Mass today. May he always appreciate the gift of the Eucharist.

After Mass, we headed out to the lake for a wonderful time of swimming and fishing and eating that All-Star cake. My brother brought his remote control airplanes and also a kite that looked and acted like the inaugural flight of the Wright Brothers. We sat on the shore and watched the sun start to sink in the sky and I was reminded, again, of how all this hard work to honor these special moments in life is worth every ounce of effort. 983″>



  1. Pete or Kathryn says:

    Sounds like a full, and wonderful weekend!


  2. jerseygirlmama says:

    That is an awesome First Communion cake! My mother was horrified when she allowed me to pick out my brother’s baptism cake and I wanted it to be chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, but it was beautiful and delicious (and she asked a seven-year-old to make the decision so what did she expect!). I love that you gave Elliot such a choice.