Happy Birthday, Charlie!

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We love you so much, Charles. You bring us much joy. We are delighted to watch you grow and learn and show love and concern for those around you. May this year be filled with every grace and happiness.




  1. Anonymous says

    It is my son Jonah’s birthday today too! God bless all children who share this day as the gift of their birth!

  2. Anonymous says

    Wow! My son & nephew’s birthdays are today, too. They’re 13 & 12. I’m wondering if the teenage years go as quickly as the little boy ones. ha!

    Happy birthday, Charlie!
    Happy Flag Day!

  3. Anonymous says

    Happy Birthday Charlie!!
    You are such a wonderful grandson and AWESOME neighbor! I am sure Halle would agree if she were traveling with us.
    See ya..We mean, see ya soon.
    Grandma and Papa

  4. Anonymous says

    Happy birthday to one of the cutest kids on the planet!
    (especially with your “new teeth” grin)
    :o) mg

  5. Happy Birthday wishes to Clarles!Hope that he get what he wants in his coming days.God bless!