There And Back Again

1014 1014_ () 1014 1014 We’re back from Duck, N.C. and boy-oh-boy is it way more humid here than up there. I’m glad I’m not acutely aware of our humidity all the time because that would be a little, um, distracting.

We had a great time with mostly perfect weather (a few cloudy days). But the mild temps were just right for sitting on the beach and relaxing and thinking and thinking and thinking. I don’t even know what I thought about, but I just sat there, until I had to shift slightly, and then I sat some more.

The perfect vacation for a 35-weeker.

We’re glad to be home! 1014″> .



  1. patjrsmom says:

    We’ve stayed many summers in the Duck/Southern Shores area and loved it! It’s a shame the put the midwest so far away from the ocean…

  2. Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog/writing very much! It is wonderful to know there are women out there raising kids, being faithful to Christ and the Church, and writing about it in such a genuine and humorous way. May God bless you as you welcome a new little one into the world! 🙂

  3. Ruth Anne Adams says:

    When are they gonna’ un-cerclage the wagons and let you fight off the natives?

  4. jerseygirlmama says:

    Having lived in NC since I was four, and my husband being an NC native, Duck is one of our favorite destinations. And we live less than 20 minutes from the beach in southeastern NC. I’m glad you enjoyed the weather last week as we are broiling today in temps over 90 degrees.

    And I’m really glad you enjoyed those temps @ 35 weeks. I won’t hit 35 weeks until August 22nd. And it will be brutal then!

  5. Rachel Swenson Balducci says:

    Ruth Anne,

    I have about two weeks! Feels very surreal for some reason…


  6. Ruth Anne Adams says:

    Maybe that surrealism you’re experiencing is from a girl baby. You wouldn’t quite have had that experience yet, but some of it seems familiar. Or not.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I felt that surreal feeling with number 5 as well. Hang in there Rachel, you’re doing wonderfully.
    xoxo mg

  8. Ambrose says:

    Did you go to Chip’s and say hi? His last e-newletter he was touting my favorite pear cider.
    Did you go to the bagel store and see my aunt?