I Would Post…

…but (surprise!), Henry wants to eat again.

It’s what mammals do…


  1. I’m with Charlie.

    When you think about it, it’s the perfect comment for the nay-sayers and newsmakers who are disgusted by nursing…

    “hey man, all mammals do it…”

  2. sarah b. says:

    And they sure do a lot of it early on, don’t they (says the woman typing with one hand while nursing a 3 wk old)! I love Charlie’s take on it!

  3. My second child commented about a week ago that now that my youngest was not nursing anymore that I have a new baby in my tummy so I can feed that baby “Momma’s milk.” (That’s what we call it around here.)
    Yes, I told him, the new baby will get Momma’s milk!

  4. Ruth Anne Adams says:

    Rachel: You’re not turning lactivist on us, are you?