O Henry!

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Thank you all for the warm wishes and congratulations. We are doing well and so in love with our new little family member. God is good!
I don’t know when I’ll have the energy to wax eloquent about this incredible gift (I forgot how exhausting this whole Giving Birth thing is) — so I’ll let this picture say it all.




  1. Anonymous says

    Rachel and Paul,

    Wonderful news! We love you all. Get some rest, Rach. In about 15 years the girls are going to LOVE the name Balducci!!!

    -Rony from Cali

  2. Anonymous says

    Even the nurse looks overjoyed! What a gorgeous picture of the boys checking out their new brother. They look elated. You’re one blessed woman.

  3. Don’t forget to update your top line, since you now have five young sons.

  4. Hey, ummmm…. we still need the specs of this child!

  5. I love that they think Mom is the Nurse…Give the boys my life. That picture should be the cover of a birthing mag…or an NFP mag…everyone is so full of JOY! Kiss all my little men for me.

  6. Allison Kennedy says

    Hey you FOX!
    You look better than I do today, all propped up there in your beauty–and I didn’t just give birth! 🙂
    Many congrats to you and Paul and the boys!
    Love allison

  7. Gretchen says

    And this picture does say it ALL. Your boys (all 5) are gorgeous–and look how happy the olders are about their new brother! What an amazing photo. And you look pretty great too! God bless you all.

  8. I am just so thrilled for you! Congratulations to you and your family!

  9. How cute are the boys-hands-all clenched in excitement!! So, so beautiful!

  10. Ok, is this posed?
    You look too fabulous and the boys don’t have that “Dad has dressed us and fed us Happy meals three times daily.”

    I know you are exhausted but you look great. Such happy news!

  11. Mom to Four says

    You look absolutely beaming and radiant and the boys look so gleeful over their new little brother! Many blessings!

  12. I love the eagerness you see in each of the boys’ hands. They can’t wait to get their hands on him and show him how to put underwear on his head and the like.
    You are just radiant! I know the lack of sleep will soon enough bring a lackluster “patina”, but right now you all just shine like stars. And by the way, your mom is way more beautiful than any nurse I’ve ever had. I have a very special memory of your mom I’ll have to tell you about one day. When I grow up, I want to be beautiful like she is.
    Armloads of love to you all.

  13. Ruth Anne Adams says

    So how big are the birthing suites at your hospital? Or do they give you the Catholic family deluxe suite? A free upgrade every 5th child?

    But seriously: Wow.

  14. Anonymous says


  15. Anonymous says

    I agree with Allison…how can you look so pretty after giving birth! I do well to look that good after a shower, doing my hair, etc…but after birth you’re more likely to find a pic of me wearing that big “diaper” they make out of those plastic sheets lol God Bless! I have 3 boys 3 and under 🙂

  16. Anonymous says

    Congrats! I love this moment. It is my favorite. The one where the soul of the family gets a glimpse of Heaven on Earth. And, for one tiny second you understand God and his generosity, revealing the heart of Christ–life. Thank you for sharing such a sacred moment, it is joy overwhelming. God bless you, Balducci’s!

  17. God bless you and your family!

  18. Anonymous says

    Congratulations again! What a wonderful picture. It looks like pure joy exploding. That picture should be enlarged & framed!


  19. 4andcounting says

    The looks of joy and excitement on the faces of your boys just about make me cry. What a beautiful family.

  20. Anonymous says

    I have a young friend who is expecting her 5th and has 4 boys. She reads your blog and is encouraged by this picture I am certain.

  21. God Bless! What a beautiful picture!

  22. Just little ole me says

    What an absolutely almost perfect family picture…only thing missing is Dad. What an excited looking bunch of guys! What love they already feel for him. He is so lucky! You will have to keep this picture to show them when he is getting on their nerves! God Bless you Balducci family!

  23. Anonymous says

    Rachel we are happy for you and Paul. God is so good!
    John and Theresa

  24. Anonymous says

    Congratulations Rachel & Paul,

    …now it’s time to upgrade the tagline: “Musings from a writer with four…(make that five)… young sons.”

    Mark & Rosemary

  25. This could very well be the most precious picture I have ever seen! What JOY!! Thanks for sharing.

  26. LOVE the picture, everyone looks so happy and simply thrilled.

  27. THAT PICTURE IS PRICELESS!!!! The looks on the big brothers faces are AWESOME!!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Congratulations to the whole family! O Henry! What a blessed family you’ve been born into!

  28. From the Heart says

    Congratulations! Five handsome sons. What joy! I love that time when the older kids go to the hospital not knowing exactly what to expect and are so happy to see their mom and meet their new sibling. I only have three kids ages 4, 2, and 2 months but each time I couldn’t wait for that moment; for them to see the results of all the hard work (9 months and a few hours worth :)) Beautiful!

  29. The look on your four boys’ faces are of pure delight! What an incredible picture!

  30. Anonymous says

    Congrats Paul & Rach – now you truly have a full house! We love you a bunch!

    And to think…I now share a birhday with a Balducci! But I have to tell you that Diane was pulling for a girl.

    Barry & Diane

  31. Yep, I just well up with tears each time I look at this picture of your sweet family! Your boys – AGH!! That is just breathtaking the way their body language and faces are all aglow!!!
    Simply amazing!
    Congratulations on giving them all the best gift ever!!

  32. I had to comment on your boys. This picture is so precious. The joy on their faces, the joy evident in their whole bodies brings tears to my eyes too. God bless all your sweet boys.

  33. hypatia 370 says

    Simultaneous joy on everyones face! (Note to self: reenact this scene for 2007 Christamas card) I love most of all how each boy is using his hands. It’s as if I could read each ones character in that sweet small gesture alone.

    BTW, as I was reading these comments I was touched by all the love and joy, reminding me again what an extraordinary medium the internet is. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us, Rachel. You’re an inspiration for living in this space and time with joy and thanks-giving.

  34. Cay Gibson says

    The beaming smiles illustrate the whole story. 🙂

    Wonderful! Wonderful!

  35. Congratulations! What a wonderful picture!