Too Much Honesty

Two boys are playing a board game; a third wants to join.

Me: Why can’t he play with you?

Unincluded boy: Because he thinks I’m a do-do bird.

Boy calling the shots: No I don’t. If I thought you were a do-do, I would have told you so. A long, long time ago.


  1. Tallahassee Lassie says:

    Sounds like a conversation we’ve had around here.
    Poor kid.
    My boys were playing “Trouble” this afternoon, and one of them got mad at something and threw the game across the room. Whoa-boy!
    THAT will not happen again.

  2. Michelle says:

    brotherly love at its best. wow.

  3. It’s just like you were sitting in my house, typing my sons’ conversations. Thank you for letting me know we’re not alone!