Clearly, it’s time to start cooking again

1057 1057_ () 1057 1057 This afternoon, I told the boys we’d be having our parish priest over for dinner Monday night.

“What do you think we should serve when Father is here,” I asked.

“How about Zaxby’s,” said Elliott, referring to his favorite chicken-finger restaurant down the road.

“When you have guests,” I told him, “it’s nice to cook some good homemade food. Especially when it’s a priest coming for dinner.”

“Well,” he suggested, “then how about eggs.” 1057″> ?



  1. Dorian Speed says:


  2. You could serve eggs to your parish priest. Isn’t a nice cold egg salad tempting in the summer’s heat? 😉

  3. on a positive note, your boys are happy eating whatever you serve them!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The incredible, edible egg!!

  5. Tallahassee Lassie says:

    Eggs make for a great dinner! Nothing wrong with breakfast foods for an evening meal.
    Or even a dinner quiche. With fresh fruit on the side.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Most of the time, when we have company over for dinner, I’m not as much worried about what we are eating but what the children are going to say. One time, our daughter kept asking our company when they were going to leave.
    When we were younger, my sister and I were taking a bath and making all kinds of noises in the tub, flatulence, etc. When we got out of the tub and went downstairs, there was my mother sitting with our minister, having coffee.

  7. hypatia 370 says:

    I hear “eggs” for dinner and think of unexpected dinner guests who brought delight to our table while turning me into the best frittata maker east of the Mississippi.

    “I believe that children are hilarious and brilliant mammals.”
    ~ from Brian Doyle’s poem, I Believe That Everything is a Prayer

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi – just thought I’d let you know that your feed still reads “4 young sons.” I subscribe to the atom feed.