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1062 1062_ () 1062 1062 I’m taking the boys shopping today — shopping for clothes. I’m going to be optimistic, which is code for “I am going to lie to myself and say we will all have a good time.” But deep down, I don’t really think we will.

The truth is clothes shopping with the boys is not that much fun, due in large part to the fact that they hate shopping. Sure they’ll tolerate grocery shopping, because it involves the buying of food, which they like. And if we have to go to Target they’ll hang for a while since they can look at toys and weapons if they behave. But only if that doesn’t involve the looking at and trying on of clothes.

It’s not that they aren’t well behaved on these outings. They mostly are. It’s just hard for me to understand and be around people who don’t enjoy shopping for clothes. And then having to endure the moans and groans and all that negativity — well that basically ruins the experience for me.

Of course, this begs the question: why are you taking them?

I tried yesterday to avoid this situation by buying all their uniforms while they spent time with their Papa. I did this only to find, when I got home, that I’m not quite sure who needs what. I can’t decide between an 8R or a 10Slim and I’m now being forced to just load them up and suffer through the fittings.

You know that scene in Steel Magnolias when Sally Field, at daughter Julia Roberts’ funeral, she just loses it and starts to wail, over and over again: Why? whhhhhyyyy? Whhhhhyyyyy?

Listen for that sound today. That will be me. 1062″>



  1. Mom of boys says

    I am totally with you on this one! My boys can bear Target (also by the bribe of looking down the toy aisle) and grocery shopping, but for clothes? Nope, that is ALWAYS a miserable experience. And when mine get bored (which is quickly at the clothing store) they start looking for things to do. Like wrestling each other in the aisle. Or pretending that they are ninjas. Or something, anything but trying on clothes.

  2. At the mall last week I saw a mom with two of the most depressed-looking pre-teen boys you ever saw. Yup, it’s back to school shopping time.

    I remember my mother rejoicing when my brother was old enough to be given some money and set free in the mall to do his own shopping for school clothes (Catholic high school with a fairly loose dress code). Her joy was premature. After a day of shopping he found only one pair of pants to wear that year. She washed them several times a week for the whole year.

  3. Oh Rachel, I just did this yesterday with my almost 5 year old, mildly autistic son, my almost 9 year old, thinks he’s the 3rd parent in this family kid and my almost 79 year old, verrrryyyy slow mom. Today I am recovering!

    God bless you…

  4. The nice thing about living in the South is that we don’t have to really buy school clothes. Our son just wears what he wore all summer and if it ever gets cold, we shop then.

  5. I will have to say that girls aren’t much easier….it takes me about 4 hours for my 4 yr old to decide which pink shirt she wants, b/c lets face it everything has to be PINK! and then there is the whole modesty issue, ugh. When they are older, I imagine myself spending entire days at the mall and having a blast. I will just have to wait…Anytime you want to borrow a girl we are right around the corner; )! I would love to watch some boys jumping from couch to ceiling fan with tin-foil swords…we could swap for a few hours.~Dianna

  6. OH, I just did this yesterday with my almost-13 and 10 yo boys, my 8 yo and 2 yo daughters. My boys were the good ones! They spotted and picked cool and decent clothes, yay! The 2 yo acted her age, which is not so fun, of course.
    AND- the 8 yo girl picked some of the grossest-non-modest clothes I’ve ever seen, to which I gave a big fat NO. I gotta tell ya, I’d relish ALL BOYS when it came to school clothes shopping. hee hee! 🙂
    -Amanda M.

  7. could there be a big incentive to getting done quicker .. like a stop at coldstone! YUM –

  8. JaneC Duquette says

    We are cheating. We are getting hand-me-downs from my friend with a son 2 years older than my oldest boy and then we measure and order from catalogues or on-line to fill in the blanks. My girls are still in the princess stage so they are way too easy and fun to buy clothes for. I wish I could easily find 6 dresses to wear that make me look good.

  9. I usually shop for my boys at night when they can stay with my husband, or I just buy their clothes online and have them delivered. It’s like getting presents in the mail for no reason–they love it. I try to e-shop at stores with free shipping!

  10. Jennifer Routh says

    Good luck with the boys and shopping! I picked up Good Housekeeping today at Target and loved the article. I just wrote about my love/trying to leave Diet Coke at my blog 🙂

  11. MyHusbandRules says

    In talking with my husband last night, he was feeling complete sympathy with your boys. He HATES shopping with his mom to this day. I count it as a point of pride that he can put up with clothes shopping with me. (Probably mostly because I limit the amount of times we go per decade) So I’m not sure that they will ever outgrown this. Alas.

  12. Ruth Anne Adams says

    You know that scene in Steel Magnolias when Sally Field, at daughter Julia Roberts’ funeral, she just loses it and starts to wail, over and over again: Why? whhhhhyyyy? Whhhhhyyyyy?

    Sure. Just so long as Olympia Dukakis [in a pitiful Southern accent] doesn’t pick a fight with Shirley MacLaine [in an equally pitiful Southern accent], you’ll be fine. And it might garner you an Oscar nomination, like it did for Sister Gidget.

  13. Sister Mary Martha says

    Wait a minute…can’t all the younger ones wear all the hand me downs? Otherwise, you’ll just have to offer it up.

  14. Yeah, offering it up sounds like your best bet on this one!!

  15. Rachel Swenson Balducci says

    When it comes to uniform pants, there are no hand-me-downs. They all turn into shorts.

  16. Don and Be says

    I had to endure the moans & groans this past weekend – my own – when I had to be fitted for a suit for an interview. The ‘suit’ thing was not going to work – it was like trying to dress up a marshmallow with 2 toothpicks for legs – it was not pretty – This jacket fit but THOSE pants didn’t – and the moans and groans are still echoing in my head….

  17. Rachel,
    Kat said you stopped in the store. We have a new addition here too. Owen Raymond! Things are going well, but it sure has been crazy getting back to baby after 5 years! Congrats on your Good Housekeeping mention. So cool!

  18. Ps. Above comment from Cheri – mother of a one and a half week old…