King Henry the Chill

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  1. Bumbos are the best, aren’t they? Henry looks big already!

  2. Pete or Kathryn says

    You just had a baby so that you could buy one of those things, right?? They are so cool!!!
    Just kiddin! Henry looks adorable!


  3. Are we witnessing a self-fulfilling prophecy (Henry: home ruler)? Please be kind to your subjects your majesty! <:^)

  4. Tallahassee Lassie says

    So how do you like those Bumbos? Where were these when my boys were babies?
    How do you like it? Are they worth it? I didn’t realize it could be used on this young of a baby??Have you seen the Bumbo videos on YouTube?
    He is absolutely adorable by the way…Which sibling does he favor anyway?

  5. Ah, the almighty Bumbo!

  6. We love ours! Same color, too!

  7. Allison Kennedy says

    Man, I need one of those for my desk. 🙂