Preppy Little 8-Week-Old Snoozer


  1. Henry is definitely rocking the hand-me-downs.

    He seems so self-assured in the collar.

  2. Renee Moore says:

    How cute & sweet…..God has blessed you.

  3. that is just way to much cuteness! How can you handle it?

  4. Does that mean she is having a girl?!?!

  5. Rachel Swenson Balducci says:

    Well, Bridgit? Do you want to announce…

  6. Henry, tell mom we are *dying* to see an awake picture!!

  7. Ruth Anne Adams says:

    He looks like a wee rugby hooligan, that one.

  8. Bridgit Vinson Dresser says:

    Yes, I am having a girl!!!