What We’re Reading

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  1. So I am guessing you have some boys at home, huh? Just kidding. Those are staples in our house too with the exception of Calvin and Hobbes. They haven’t been discovered yet (thank goodness!). I am sure it will be coming soon.

  2. Calvin and Hobbes has been making the rounds here, too. Along with the “Dangerous” book…

    Love boys!

    Also… I still have a bee frozen in a cup of water in my freezer. I don’t ask questions, I just move it aside to get to the pizzas….


  3. Which is the book under The Hobbit?

  4. With the exception of THE CRICKET IN TIMES SQUARE, we are reading the exact same books over here! (well, DH just finished reading THE HOBBIT to the kids, so we’re now in LORD OF THE RINGS)

  5. Funny, That’s exactly what we’ve got out in our living room too.

  6. Oh wait, except The Cricket in Times Square (missed that one). But I did say the other day that I wanted to request it from the library.

  7. I know you have a large readership of Christian women. Please share this family’s story with them:


    I would love to hear your perspective on what God is doing here.

  8. My son found my Calvin books and started reading them. He loved it!

  9. Calvin & Hobbes is hands down the funniest ever. Sometimes I can’t even breathe for laughing so much 🙂 They seem very appropriate for your boys!!


  10. that dangerous boy book is AWESOME!! i hope i have sons just so i can buy that book for them 😉

    and, calvin and hobbes is a brillantly funny, sharply insightful read on the minds of young lads as well! 🙂

  11. Ok Rachel, I think you are on the verge of having your own “R” list (similar to Oprah’s “O” list, ;0)

  12. Tallahassee Lassie says

    I have the entire collection of Calvin and Hobbes here as well.
    Love them!

  13. Christine C. says

    Must be a 10 yr old-ish boy thing; Gabe has (almost) that exact stack of books near his bed right now, except he’s on Two Towers.