Mysteries of the Universe

Dear Army Guys,

How is it that no matter how many times I bend down to pick you up, I continue to step on one more of you? How do you do that?

Curious in Georgia


  1. sorry, can't blow my cover says:

    I believe you might find an answer in Toy Story.

  2. Granny Annie says:

    Each time you step on one army man, two more take its place. Doesn’t everyone know that? We moved and I thought we would leave our grandson’s army men in the old house. Nope, a few jumped into boxes and moved with us.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The are on a recon mission for those blasted legos!

    Tracy, former blogger of the woodland word

  4. I’m with Tracy – whenever I bend down to pick up a microscopic lego I see two more lying in wait for darkness, a trap for my bare feet as I sneak in to my son’s room to deliver laundry…Lucky for them they’re too expensive to throw away.

  5. hypatia 370 says:

    I’m throwing my vote to granny annie. She’s right; the plastic used for toy soldiers has rogue DNA. I found a green army man in a box of keepsakes that traveled through 5 states, 4 homes and 2 decades. I ask you: how persistent is that?