Mysteries of the Universe

Dear Army Guys,

How is it that no matter how many times I bend down to pick you up, I continue to step on one more of you? How do you do that?

Curious in Georgia


  1. sorry, can't blow my cover says

    I believe you might find an answer in Toy Story.

  2. Granny Annie says

    Each time you step on one army man, two more take its place. Doesn’t everyone know that? We moved and I thought we would leave our grandson’s army men in the old house. Nope, a few jumped into boxes and moved with us.

  3. The are on a recon mission for those blasted legos!

    Tracy, former blogger of the woodland word

  4. I’m with Tracy – whenever I bend down to pick up a microscopic lego I see two more lying in wait for darkness, a trap for my bare feet as I sneak in to my son’s room to deliver laundry…Lucky for them they’re too expensive to throw away.

  5. hypatia 370 says

    I’m throwing my vote to granny annie. She’s right; the plastic used for toy soldiers has rogue DNA. I found a green army man in a box of keepsakes that traveled through 5 states, 4 homes and 2 decades. I ask you: how persistent is that?