Stolen Moments

8:16 p.m. — I’m coping with the last few minutes before bedtime by hiding out at my computer. The boys have turned my couch into an Oliphaunt, which, by the sounds of things they are trying to defeat. I think they’re winning. Bedtime: four minutes and counting…


  1. oh yeah the bedtime countdown…

    I still do that with my 16 year old.
    TV blaring, homework all over the place, he’s on his cell phone making eggo waffles…I pace and wait for the bedtime moment.


  2. Granny Annie says:

    I treasure memories of all the fleeting moments that were mine when I was raising my children. It is difficult to explain how precious those times are but if you’ve been there, it requires no explanation. It just is.

  3. sometimes that is the only way to get some time for self … sadly.

  4. At 4:45 and trying to talk to some company on the phone the other day, I had to lock myself in the laundry room.
    There was crying and much gnashing of teeth on both sides of that door!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well, there is also the bathroom option. Of course, kids then try to stick their little fingers under the door to get your attention. Personal space vanishes once motherhood kicks in.