Calling All Research Assistants!

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I am working on an article for a Catholic publication about the Internet, blogs, forums and message boards. If you are a mom who uses the Internet in some form or fashion (and you must be as you are reading this) and are interested in talking with me, drop me a line.

I’m specifically looking for women who go on-line to find support or inspiration or maybe a bit of a lifeline in the middle of a long day. I’m also looking for information on popular Catholic forums and message boards (I don’t do much with these, so I’d love some direction).

Either email me (address at left) or leave something in the comments. Thanks!

Because we don’t want anyone to resort to this:




  1. Hi Rachel-
    Feel free to contact me if need be! I am a stay-at-home Catholic mom. I have one son who is 15-months-old. We live in a tiny house in frigid St. Paul, MN so the days definitely get long especially since my little guy is walking now and his running paths are a bit limited indoors. Needless to say I am constantly in search of a energy boost on the Internet whether it be through reading blogs, writing a blog or just staying on top of current events.

    I’d love to help you out where I can!

  2. I don’t know if I have anything of use to offer but I would love to talk if you wish. I am a stay at home Catholic Mom of three ( Daughter 17, son 14, and son 11)I am not much on message boards but I do look forward to reading a select few blogs for inspiration and a pick me up.

  3. Hi Rachel!

    Well, I’m a Catholic SAHM of two (two now!!! That’s fun to even write!) – an almost 3 yr old and a newborn. I love the internet! Whether I’m visiting the NFP forum on Delphi Forums to ask for charting, breastfeeding, pregnancy or childbirth questions, or listening to my Heart Mind and Stength (www.exceptional podcast while doing housework, or just connecting to others through blogs or facebook, I’m always popping online throughout the day. Then there’s the non-Catholic specific stuff, like recipes, cleaning tips and health websites!!

    I’d love to help out.


  4. Hey Rachel,
    I’m not sure I have much to offer, but feel free to contact me if you want. I’m a SAHM with two boys-2.5 & 3mos. I use my blog to keep out of town family up to date on our happenings as well as to keep a journal for the boys to have one day. I read blogs and use the internet all the time for tips, ideas and of course the much needed laugh every now and then. My email address is

    :0) Jenny

  5. Not sure what I could offer, but please do contact me if cause I’m always willing to share.

  6. lifeasamama says:

    I would love to help with this! I’m a stay at home Mom of a 15-month-old, and use the computer for most of my adult communication during the day…

  7. You can contact me. I am fairly new to writing a blog, but I remember well when I first discovered blogs — I was beside myself over Terri Schiavo, and a Google search lead me right to Catholic blogs.

    By the way, thanks for the graphic. It really helped a lot. It was for me wasn’t it? 🙂

  8. motherhoodinsanity says:

    I’m a Catholic SAHM of 3. Set of 4 year old twin girls and a 10 month baby boy. I read lots of mom blogs and resorted to writing one of my own. It’s my “connection” to the outside world most days esp. since we just moved from Sunset Beach, NC to cold and wintery WV.

  9. I am a Catholic SAHM of two kids, 2.5 and six weeks. I go to the Internet for a lot of stuff – camaradarie, advice, fun, etc. I’d be happy to be involved, my email is if you want to contact me.

  10. Ruth Anne Adams says:

    I’ll give you my opinion. But you probably knew that.

  11. Rachel-
    I’m a SAHM of 4 darlings, age 6,4,2and 6 months. I was inspired by you to blog my own life and find it a much needed (though not often enough emplyed!) outlet. my blog is:

  12. I visit the NFP Board at Delphi Forums, as mentioned by Kate above. The address is:

    I’ve been a member here for almost 10 years and have formed many close relationships with the ladies who also visit regularly. In fact, one of them is my son’s godmother!

  13. I’m a Catholic convert of 11 years and a SAHM of 3. 5,4 & 2. I love reading your blog and am so glad I can comment again. I hate mean people and am sad that so many of the people I read around here have mentioned mean commentors and taken the opportunity away from the rest of us. I don’t have a google account and probably won’t get one. So thanks for the opportunity to comment today! :o)

  14. Hey Rachel – I’ve been enjoying reading your columns in The Southern Cross.

    Over the years I’ve participated in a Catholic fertility and a Catholic adoption Yahoo group. They’ve been a great source of support for me during our infertility and adoption journey. If they’re of any interest to you for your article, just let me know. Happy writing!


  15. I am a SAHM (and homeschooler) of 7 kids, ages 10, 9, 7, 5, 4, 2, and 4 months.

    Needless to say, I go on-line for much needed inspiration! Since I live in SC, where there are very few Catholic moms… let alone Catholic homeschoolers… I need to connect with other like-minded women to share ideas, encouragement, faith, etc.

    God bless!

  16. Rachel,

    The primary reason I visit blogs is to get different ideas for incorporating faith into my family. I have learned so much from so many moms, and reaching our to other moms has really helped me grow in faith as a Catholic wife and mom.

    God bless.

  17. Pancake Goddess says:

    I’m a homeschooling mom of 4 boys (13,10,4,1) and have been using online mom communities for support since my first pregnancy in 94. I’m not Catholic (but have no issues with being quoted in a Catholic publication, or whatever.)

  18. Hi, you can contact me through my account if necessary. I am a ‘new’ mom, with a darling baby boy. I use the Internet instead of TV for ‘breaks’ throughout the day and do use several message boards for Catholic supoort and advice. I enjoy reading blogs for other Catholic moms’ perspectives on things.

  19. I am willing to be research, too! I frequently check in moms’ blogs, catholic devotions, etc during the day as a way to refresh my batteries and keep my focus where it should be…embracing my vocation as a wife and mother. I do work part time evenings as an RN but mostly juggle like every other woman. My boys are little: 5, 3.5 and almost 2. Our fourth child is due in Oct.

  20. scotch meg says:

    You may contact me. I converted to Catholicism as a college student — nearly 30 years ago now (YIKES!). I have five kids, ranging in age from 7 to 20 (almost 8 to almost 21). I have one in college, one in the Marines, one in high school, one in middle school, and one in grammar school. The high schooler is in a Catholic school — I teach the other two at home (mostly).

    I use blogs for news, community, and humor. I started out not even wanting the internet in the house, but yielded about 8 years ago. Now I think my kids would like to have ME offline more. But where I live (Boston) there is a lot of cultural Catholicism, and I need connection with people to whom faith matters. As a homeschooler in a community with a good Catholic school, I am a little distanced from the parish, so… online is it.

  21. Sounds like you have plenty of volunteers! If you’re needing volume, I’d be glad to partcipate.

    I’m a home-schooling mom of four (10, 8, 6, 2) who definitely uses the internet as a booster. Especially your site — which often makes me laugh until I cry in a good-way 🙂

  22. I’d love to help out in anyway I can. SAHM of 3 boys(5,4,1). I’m on the internet on/off throughout the day!

  23. I use the Catholic Moms group at a lot. There are a ton of other groups on that forum as well.

  24. I am not a mom. But that cartoon is genius.

  25. You can contact me – I enjoy reading your blog. I’m a Catholic stay at home mom to three little boys – 5,3, and 7 months.

  26. I just happened onto your blog from another one. I had to write because I felt instantly bonded to you. I am also the mother of FIVE boys!!! The ages of mine are almost 23 to age 10. But you don’t find too many others with five boys and no girls! My second son passed away in 2005, so for now, I am parenting four. Looks like you have been at this blogging thing for a while. I am just a three week old beginner! But it is a lot of fun!!! I would help you out in anyway I can.

  27. Teresa & Shawn says:

    Feel free to contact me if you want to. I am a stay-at-home mom of three little ones (5, almost 3, and 10 months). My second child has a rare genetic condition called Williams syndrome and severe heart defects. I started my own blog as a therapeutic output in my daily life and have since found a whole blogger community (either Catholic moms such as yourself and Danielle Bean or other moms with children with WS. Having a special needs child with a rare condition and having no one local to talk to or get together with about it, my blogger community is a HUGE source of support for me.

  28. You can email me if you think I’d be of any help. I’m a SAH mom of a 16 month old boy. I visit MANY blogs. I get support from many of the women I read, not personally, but just knowing and reading that they’ve been there, done that. I don’t know what I’d do without them, honestly.

  29. Blackmans says:

    You can contact me… I am a SAHM to four boys- 5, 2, 1 and a 2 month old.