How big is Henry?

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Sooooo big! (maybe too big…)

Thanks Gramma and Papa for the handy throne!

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  1. Tallahassee Lassie says

    I LOVE Publix.

    Would you please tell me what brand of cart cover that is? I like the cushioned back on it. I need to get one for my baby. Thanks!

  2. Very nice picture. I would like to know the brand too!

    By the way, I liked your playdate post. But how old are your boys? We just named our newborn Augustine, by the way (the hippo pronunciation, don’t know if that’s diff’t), but have been going with Gustin as a nickname. It’s only been 6 weeks, we’ll see. But when we were getting ready to take the plunge and see people’s blank faces when we told them “Augustine”, seeing your Augie made me feel a little less crazy!



  3. Lassie, This cart cover is by Infantino. Yesterday was the first time I used it and it worked great!

    Chris, our Augie is short for August (a family name) and it was a name I had picked out with all four boys. I never used it and then when Augie was born we decided to take the plunge. People will always say things before you use a name — once you name the child, they start to keep the opinions to themselve. Gustin sounds like a great name!

  4. Rachel,

    Oops- I just assumed; guess I had Augustine on the mind. Or should this make me completely rethink his name??? Just kidding.

    My poor mom, she was always hoping for something like Jack or James. We actually named him David Augustine, knowing that we wanted A. for the middle name, and then after calling him that for many months pre-birth, that’s who he was. But once they heard David, they tried to sneak it in, poor folks. But you’re right of course, I’ve already seen a shine taken to Augustine by them.

    Thanks again,


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  6. Henry is getting soooo big! I too love the throne, arn’t grandparents great!

  7. The talk of August(ine) compels me to comment: Our toddler is Joseph Augustin; we call him Gus. Any August(ine)(us)(in) name is lovely. Our fourth is due this summer and we are thinking Magdalen, NN Lena.

    Rachel- if that were me shopping, poor Henry would be covered under a mound of groceries. How often do you grocery shop? Love your blog and pieces in LHJ.