An Evening of Rockin’ Fun

1385 1385_ () 1385 1385 Last night was Charlie’s birthday extravaganza, with cousins and aunts and uncles, Gramma and Papa and Buelo — and the eight boys who are in Charlie’s class at school. He wanted a Dance Party, and that what he got!

We played several rounds of freeze dance (special thanks to Jordan the RockinDeejay), and then anyone who wanted got the chance for a dance solo. As I mentioned yesterday, we have watched several episodes of a popular dance show (this year and last year at the beach) and this notion of dancing solo was quite appealing to Charlie. He also danced his socks off at Josh and Carolyn’s wedding this Spring, and I think he was hungry for more.

Somehow, Charlie spread the word to his friends that this would be a formal occasion. The hand-drawn invitation mentioned “Dance Style” attire, and one of the boys was under the impression that Charlie would be wearing a tuxedo. Another mom told me her son came out of his room wearing long pants with a sweater vest and bow-tie. “You’re overdressed,” she said. He wasn’t convinced.

In the end, thankfully, all the boys opted for a more casual look. And despite the lowered fashion standards, there were plenty of fantastic moves. We avoided injury (mostly) and the only casualty was my wall, which wound up with a forehead-sized divot thanks to the boy who just couldn’t contain himself any longer during his solo — for some inexplicable reason, he finished out an impressive arm-flutter/body flip by ramming his head directly into the sheet rock. For that, he lost points.

Charlie had two gifts he really wanted, and my parents and Paul’s dad together got him one of these. I was telling my mom, at the start of the party, that Charlie was going to be thrilled with the gift, but to please not necessarily equate his reaction to his level of gratitude.

“Sometimes,” I told her, “they act so different in front of the party crowd.”

“I know how boys are,” said my mom. And I know she does. I think I do that for my own piece of mind — I am one of those SPASTIC gift receivers that likes to make sure the giver knows just. how. much. I. LOOOOVVVE THIS!!! Not everyone is like that, I know, and my boys (and husband, and most of the free world) tend to fall in the more subdued category.

Charlie, it seems, will be taking after me.

With each gift he opened, he let out a bellowing roar of delight. And when he opened the gift from his grandparents, I thought for a split second he might pass out. He was that overcome.

And so was I.

In all, a wonderful, exhausting evening. Charlie had fun. His brothers and cousins had fun. And his friends all had a blast too. The ones I worried about, thinking it would all be too much and too crazy — those were the boys who had the best time of all! 1385″>