Why Yes, I Do Feel Lucky.

I’ve heard talk of The Catholic Company’s First Communion Photo Contest. I don’t know — do you think this is what they had in mind? (The first few were taken towards the end of a very long photo session with his classmates prior to Mass.)

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  1. Ooh, I vote for Lurch’s First Communion as my favorite.

  2. I think that these are all awesome!

    I was quite sad that I didn’t get a chance to meet you at the CNMC. I heard your name and blog mentioned so many times by people that I had to check it out…and I do love the name. Mine should be Estrohome, although I do have one boy…

    Chris from Catholic Company

  3. The Winner!!!

  4. Maurisa says:

    Awww shucks! You’ve got it all locked up. I’m not even going to try to send my photos in.

  5. Charlie has it, Simon’s photos don’t even stand a chance. My personal favorite is the first photo! What a ham!

    By the way, the party below sounded like loads of fun!!!

  6. I’m glad to see you entering these! I have one of my sweet angel doing ninja moves in her veil. I wasn’t sure if that is what they were looking for either!

  7. Father of Nine says:

    I don’t think I understand this post and the comments. I this about making First Holy Communion?

    The hours before my children received First Holy Communion (well, the four who have received so far) they were very reverent and prayerful — even nervous.

    Afterward, they were beaming – one was even crying happy tears.

    Am I misunderstanding this post?

  8. Fr. of Nine,

    The last picture is the essence of the day — the joy Charlie felt. The first few pictures were several hours before Mass, and as I mentioned, the class stood for many, many photos. It pushed the limits for my son, despite his joy and excitement.

    I’m glad your children had such a wonderful experience!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Now THAT looks more like the Charlie I’ve come to know through pictures on this site. The picture in your June 6th post was the first time I’d ever seen him with a relatively straight face.

    I thought to myself “Oooohhhh! So that’s what he looks like…when..when…when he isn’t feeling his usual self! 🙂

    He is a cutie!

  10. Father of Nine says:

    I got it.

    The last photo expresses it well. Truth is Truth and Jesus is Real in the Eucharist – there’s no getting around it.

    I wasn’t trying to be “holier than thou.” It’s tough to find a photo of our children with as straight face sometimes as well. We’re still works in progress with a long way to go, believe me.

    But it still strikes me as a bad idea to have a “cutest First Holy Communion photo contest.” It seems obviously encourages sacreglious approach as kids monkeyshine for the camera, or at least distract them from focusing on their new intimacy with Jesus.

    Our last parish did not even allow photos at Mass, but a photographer took a photo of each communicant from the Sacristy with a telephoto lens and the priest and the sanctuary were available for photos afterward. This seems like a better idea to me now than I thought at the time.

    Maybe that sounds weird. But weird for the right reason, I think.

  11. I agree with the “no photos during Mass” rule…. especially at that very moment the child and Jesus meet in the Eucharist.
    These are fun photos… but you know what is really really even more fun? Run the mouse over Charlie’s nose (my cursor is a little hand) and you can let him pick his nose online.