Lessons I’m Learning

1401 1401_ () 1401 1401 One day last week, I ended the day in a puddle on the floor. Not really of course, but as close to a puddle as anyone wants to see. This is what I discovered.

There are several things you should not ponder at the end of a long day, conversations you simply should not have when you are tired and hot and maybe also hormonally challenged. If you start to head in this direction, pray your husband catches on immediately and redirects you to Column Two.

Column I: Things Not To Ponder

Topics include, but are not limited to:
1. How are we doing in raising our children
2. The state of my baseboards
3. The state of the garage
4. Spending analysis
5. The price of sugar and milk and gas
6. How many more years until the oldest is in high school and then college (this one will leave you feeling a bit nauseated)
7. How many more days until the baby turns one (this one will leave you in tears)
8. Is it really time to grocery shop again
9. Varicose veins
10. The energy required to cook dinner

Column II: Things to Ponder

1. Do I want a glass of red wine or a beer
2. Should I call China City or China Express

Make the decisions pertaining to Column II, and then revisit Column I issues at a later date. 1401″>