Left-handed feels Right

1446 1446_ () 1446 1446 Are you a lefty? Me too! Today is our day — Happy International Lefthanders Day!

Today we celebrate the beauty that is the left-handed person. It’s a tough life. There are all kinds of statistics about being left-handed, how very, very trying it is to be a left-handed person in a right-man’s world.

But it’s worth it. Because there’s also a lot of research about how much more artistic and insightful left-handed people tend to be. I’m pretty sure that’s the case anyway. Let’s do a quick poll — if you are both left-handed and insightful, say aye. The ayes have it.

Also, according to the official Left-handers’ Day website, “Left-handers adjust more readily to seeing underwater.” (Site has exceeded its bandwidth. Too many partying lefties!) I think that quote about the water shows just one of the many tremendous advantages there are in being a lefty.

For today, all the lefty’s get a special shoutout — left-handed readers, leave a comment between now and midnight. I will have my lawyer randomly pick a number and the winning comment gets a $10 gift certificate to The Left Hand, an online lefthanders specialty shop.

Southpaws everywhere, enjoy your day! 1446″ ,



  1. Amanda M. says:

    Hi Rachel!
    I’m a lefty, too!
    Do you know I once read somewhere that while a disproportionate number of genius minds are left handed, also a disproportionate number of serial killers are as well!?!? EEK! Nice little Southpaw trivia.
    Oh well, celebrate the day!
    Amanda McCloud

  2. I’m proud to be a lefty! Thanks for sharing about the interesting website!

  3. I’m a lefty,my identical twin sister is right handed my ex husband was a lefty, yet our 3 kids are all right handed. I keep telling them they are all “wrong handed” Its nice to finally be recognized.

  4. Left is Right! My proudest accomplishments (obvious children,college, etc., aside) are 1) learning to put on mascara with my right hand, proving my adaptability, and 2) using my mouse with my right hand, which frees my more-important left hand for more-important kinds of left-handed stuff.

  5. I too am left handed. Who else hates spiral notebooks?

  6. I too am left handed, but I play the banjo right handed.

  7. I’m left-handed and insightful! However, none of my 6 kids inherited my good genes. lol.

    I’m proud to say I don’t write with my arm curled around in a loop.

    Hey, the word verification thingy below says “good luck”! gydluk. Does that mean I’ll win?

  8. Hooray for southpaws! I have always heard that the left handed are more artistic — which I am not. My brother, also a leftie, however, is a professional artist!

  9. Tallahassee Lassie says:

    My husband is a lefty and so is my first son.
    My father-in-law is a lefty and so is an aunt.

  10. Anonymous says:

    My almost 4 YO son Jack is a lefty…maybe ambidextrous, like his great-grandfather? Anyhoo, I embrace it as a righty mom…

    Love your blog!

    Sally Bare

  11. Anonymous says:


    I am also left handed. I am the only one in my family who is, so far. I have 8 other siblings. I have had to learn to play the violin right handed. I think the reasoning is if I wanted to join the orchestra, it wouldn’t work well with a few lefties to mix up the seating of all the righties 🙂 That was the answer I received from my music teacher anyway.
    I enjoy your blog along with my mom. I have 5 younger brothers all in a row. We really understand where you are coming from sometimes 🙂

    God Bless,


  12. Hi! I am one of those “converted” lefties! Born in 1963, Mom was worried so she tried to “switch me”. Anything she worked with me on, I do right-handed but everything else, left. She must have let me brush my teeth alone because I do that left and I confuse my nurses all the time (I am a doc) because I do pelvic exams as a left hander (Mom did not teach me how to do those:) Don’t mean to give TMI:)

    So I don’t know what this all says about me!!

    BTW, all four of my boys appear to be righties!

  13. Yay for the lefties! I was just complaining earlier because the edge of my hand is once again covered with ink.
    Thanks for the lefty info! My 9 yo son and I are the only lefties in a right handed world around here. He loved all of the info about the special people!

  14. Sally Bare is on here?!? I’m with her; but does it count to say I’m a right handed mom with left handed children (who aren’t adept enough to type this for themselves!). I’m a sucker for giveaways. . .

  15. My 13yo son is a lefty! He’ll be sorry I didn’t find out about this holiday until AFTER he was asleep! We’re suckers for a celebration. Oh well, I’ll put it on the calendar to celebrate next year.

  16. janjanmom says:

    We lefties have a day??? I am so honored I delurked!! Thanks for celebrating with a give-away!

    I love your blog even though I have all girls! (all righties too!)

  17. Me, me, me! I’m left handed! (and I just got back from Bible study… did I squeak in under the deadline??)

  18. Anonymous says:

    My name is Laura, I’m a lefty and I HATE spiral notebooks! When I was in elementary school, teachers always had a hard time with the way I tilted my paper when I was writing something. They told me that was wrong. And the side of my hand was always covered in ink or pencil. I’ve adapted to doing everything right handed, except eating and writing, LOL! I have 8 year old twin boys that are both right handed like my husband.

    Happy Lefties Day to all!

  19. Hello!

    Another lefty here. For some odd reason though when I write on a chalkboard, I use my right hand.

    Have a great Lefthanders Day!

    Jen N.

  20. As a poor right hander, I have to hear all about the woes of the lefty from my husband. He frequently tells me that notebooks and cooking utensils are the thing of devils. LOL My 2 yr old is also doomed to the life I am afraid. 😉

  21. Jen, Fred, Jennifer says:

    Stumbled upon this from another blog and I just had to leave a note! Hubby and I have 4 boys, all the boys are lefty’s, but hubby and I are not! I’ve always found it odd that we produced 4 lefty’s!

    Oh, and all the boys are musically “inclined”, shall we say! Not necessarily all gifted, but they can hold a tune much better than I can!

  22. Carole Seawert says:

    As a left hander myself, I’m amazed how derogatory the terms ‘left’ and ‘left handed ‘can be:
    * You pay someone a ’left-handed compliment’ when you’re concealing an insult.
    * If you’re not picked for something, you’re ‘left out’.
    * Latin for ‘left’ is ‘sinister’.
    * In French, left is ‘gauche’ which also means ‘awkward’ or ‘clumsy’.
    * If you can’t dance, you have ‘two left feet’.
    * And in German, ‘links’ (left) is also synonymous with ‘awkward’ or ‘clumsy’.
    * In Italian, left handed is ‘mancino’ which has additional meanings of ‘treacherous’ or ‘dirty’.
    * In Spanish ‘left handed’ is ‘zurdo’. There is also a phrase ‘no ser zurdo’ which translates literally as ‘not to be left handed’ but actually means ‘to be very clever’.
    * Similarly, Portuguese for left handed is ‘canhoto’ or ‘weak

  23. Feisty Irish Wench says:

    Well we missed this celebration in our household. My husband and I are right handed. Two of our three children are lefties. My husband’s mother is a lefty and my father (back when they tied the left arm behind your back) originally was as well. So “Jen, Fred, Jennifer” may have similar genetic ties to their 4 kids being all lefties.