Wheel Power

1582 1582_ () 1582 1582 We are in full Pinewood Derby mode around here, talking, thinking, researching our methods to build the fastest and sweetest looking car for the upcoming competition. Last night the boys were up very late working with Paul on sanding and painting, watching paint dry and then sanding some more.

During a break in all the work, while another coat of paint was drying, we all gathered in the front room for quick family prayers, but mostly to discuss the Derby. At length. Again.

One of the boys had an idea to do something radical to the wheels, and thus began some kind of discussion about the three levels of wheel awesomeness that would be acceptable at the Derby. I wasn’t really clear on most of it, but it seemed to involve levels like turbo, even more turbo, and extreme turbo awesomeness.

“I’m confused,” I offered, trying to enter the conversation. “Aren’t wheels pretty much a standard shape?”

“Yes and no,” someone answered me, and I’ll admit that answer left me a bit confused. The conversation continued, with no more explanations for me, and Paul and the boys moved on to which level of wheel trickery Team Balducci would employ.

“What about the extreme one,” asked one of the boys, “let’s do that.”

“No way,” answered Ethan, “that would be too much. That one would just blow everybody’s minds.” 1582″> ,