Highs and Lows

1598 1598_ () 1598 1598 This morning was rough. But I’m trying to see the good along with the bad.

The Lows:

1. Frustration of boys needing to be told repeatedly what to do.

2. Many things finally fall into place, but alas, the table does not get cleared.

3. A boy flings an extra-large bouncy ball from across the room. It flies through the kitchen, sails into the dining room and barely misses the chandelier.

4. Ball hits a glass of milk resting on the still-not-cleared table.

5. Milk all over the floor.

6. Can’t help it. I’m crying over spilt milk. Not really crying as much as loud bemoaning.

7. Guilt ensues. I struggle with I’m-A-Terrible-Mother disease.

8. This passes quickly. Too quickly? A little more guilt.

The Highs:

1. I’m having a really good hair day today. 1598″