How I Roll, Homeboy

1625 1625_ () 1625 1625 Sorry for the radio silence here. I can’t decide if I’m really this busy or if it’s all about having a toddler (seriously. Do you have one of those? Then you know what I’m saying. One word: climbing.). It’s probably also a combination of the perfect weather and Henry’s obsession with the puppies down the street (if you heard him say ‘puh-peeez’ you would be taking him there too!).

If you want to catch up, I’ve been over at Faith and Family talking about ski safety (before I heard about Natasha Richardson’s death — so sad); and keeping a secret (see if you can guess which boy I’m writing about); and also a book I think you should buy for your favorite 20-month-old’s Easter basket.

Lately I’ve been feeling the pinch with my book deadline, so I’m trying to ease into an every-other-day thing around here, just for a bit. And see, now that I’ve gone and said that, I’ll probably start hanging out here constantly. 1625″>