A Little Clarification

1635 1635_ () 1635 1635 A reader wrote to ask me about something I said in last week’s column, and I felt like it was worth noting here. I’m hoping no one was offended by what was really a poor choice of words (and, to be honest, writing on a crazy-tight deadline).

In my column I refer to the Culture of Life as being “an example of a stand many Catholics and Christians take…”

The reader asked me to clarify that thought, adding that she was really hoping I wasn’t suggesting Catholics were not also Christians themselves (because, she said, she has spent years convincing a certain non-Catholic relative that this is the case!).

My response to her, and to anyone else that may have taken offense at this choice of wording:

Yes, I totally and absolutely agree that Catholics are Christians, and probably what I should have said is what you suggest: Catholic and Protestant. Or perhaps I should have written “Catholics and other Christians.” The main thing I was trying to avoid was simply characterizing Catholics as the only group that takes this important stand. Being from Georgia, I try to be mindful of the fact that Catholics are not the only folks out there doing good!

Hope this helps. 1635″>