Spica Watch: Day 13

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This is certainly an adventure, and with certainty I tell you I have turned a corner in this journey. Henry has had his cast for two weeks; he has four weeks to go. That I can say that without adding “but hopefully less” — that is a tremendous victory. I am embracing this short season that is frustrating and sweet all at once.
One of the best things to come out of Henry breaking his leg (and yes, somehow there is some good here) is that I am forced to slow down in a way that is entirely different than when I was pregnant. In those seasons of early pregnancy and extreme nausea, I was laying on the couch and just enduring the day. I would count the minutes until I would be feeling better, all the while trying so hard to a) have a decent attitude and b) not puke.
Right now, as I sit and hold Henry and read to him or watch a movie with him or play checkers with him (yes, I’m not even kidding, but you realize I mean it in a 22-month-old kind of way) I am aware of the bliss. It is not hard, not really, because the season is short. It’s a unique few weeks — a time when I’m moving slow but still feeling great, and this enhances my ability to enjoy the pace.
I don’t think too much about when this will be over, because then I get overwhelmed. I will suddenly have a thought that one day, we will go back to normal, and that thought brings me a lot of joy. But I can’t think about it too long, because then I get emotional with poor, sweet Henry all locked up in this spica cast. So I bring my gaze back to the present, to this moment right now, and enjoy it a little more.