Suspend your wine snobbery to read this, please.

1654 1654_ () 1654 1654 So, last week my siblings and I threw a party for my parents 40th anniversary. It was a very fun party with many of their closest friends coming to celebrate here in my backyard. There was plenty of food and fun — and lots of beer and wine.

The party ends and we realize we are left with three boxes of wine — which is the exact amount we started with. Yes people were drinking wine but man that stuff just goes far. It was like the box just replenished itself as the night went on.

At the end of the evening, we divvied up the remains. I took a box, my brother took a box and we gave a box to some friends.

So that was a week ago, and today I think I will polish off the last glass from my box of Merlot. This box, I texted my brother the other day, is the gift that keeps on giving.

One late afternoon this past week I lugged the box over to a friend’s house and we shared a little happy hour in the backyard while the boys played basketball. Another friend was walking by and we invited her over as well.

I had several other similar encounters, sharing a glass here and there (my point in saying that is no, I did not drink four bottles of wine by myself in one week).

Either way, my point is — it seems to be bottomless! I finally took the bag out of the box yesterday because I was sure we were down to the dregs and there were still at least four glasses left in it. Amazing!

I am left with a strange feeling that perhaps I have been missing out not buying boxed wine. I’m not a total snob when it comes to wine. I am firmly committed to the notion that the world is filled with good $10 bottles of red wine, but (here’s my Post Secret): I totally buy those $2.97 numbers you see at the store. Some are better than others, but the good ones are just not that bad.

What do you think, those are have not passed out from the utter pedestrianism of this whole discussion. 1654″> ,



  1. Ambrose says:

    Have you tried the Bota Box wines from Delicato? A boxed wine for which you needn’t apologize.
    Not that you should have to apologize for ANY boxed wine.

  2. First Matthew Lickona, and now you: both if not singing the praises of boxed wine then at least tenderly suggesting it’s not so bad as one tended to assume in the recent past. I’ll have to see. But I have seen no reason to abandon my adamantine rule against domestic wine. If it doesn’t come from Australia, Europe, or South Africa, I won’t touch it. One can only ameliorate one’s snobbery so far!

  3. Matthew Lickona says:

    Look – the box (or more, properly, the plastic bag inside the box that gradually collapses as wine is withdrawn, thus preventing oxidation) is an ideal storage container. If wines didn’t rely SO heavily on marketing and image to market themselves, they’d ALL be in boxes – or at least, in screwcaps (another technology whose time has come). The pleasure of wine is in the smelling and the drinking, not the storage, not the opening, not the pouring. That’s why stemware still matters. Bottles, not so much.

    All that said, it’s true that it’s tough to find really good boxed wine, because there is still that whole marketing thing. I second Ambrose’s suggestion of Delicato, particularly their Shiraz. A touch overripe in the American style, but anyone who likes Aussie wines can’t have too much of a problem with ripeness. I’m off writing about wine (after 10 years on), otherwise, I’d do a proper survey of all the boxed stuff out there. As it is, I drink mostly $6-$7 stuff from France and Spain that I find at my local wine shop. God bless the SoCal wine market. Cheers!

  4. Danielle says:

    I cannot believe you haven’t been indulging in boxed wine all these years. What on earth do you think has gotten me through the last 15 years? It’s been the wine on tap. In my fridge at all times. i don’t have to drink it all the time — but it’s nice just knowing it’s there.

  5. Rebecca says:

    I ONLY drink the cheap stuff… if I drink it at all… which is rarely.

    BTW, in your first paragraph you have a typo… unless you mean that your parents friends are “closets.” 🙂

  6. I think I will try the box next time I host a get together.

    A year or so ago ,not being much of a wine drinker myself,I worried over hosting a new group of friends who drink wine like I consume Diet Coke. Finally I confided in one of the group who seemed least likely to judge my coothfulness. Quietly I explained my unfamiliarity with wine and asked what brand / type I should get. With a smile this girl whispered back, I’m not sure what they drink but I like anything under $5 a bottle.We both had a good laugh and I bought our wine at Giant Eagle.

  7. Christine says:

    I just love that phrase, “my box of Merlot.” Cheers!

  8. Awesome! Have you tried the Target Boxed Wine? It’s fabulous. They say 1 box (about 11 inches tall) = 4 bottles of wine. Yum!

  9. In college, student finances dictated that the girls drank boxed wine and the guys drank PBR.

    I still can’t look at a box o’wine without feeling slightly hung over.

  10. Tami said she can’t look at a box o’wine without feeling slightly hung over. LOL BTDT Or Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill…

    I say, if ppl have a problem with the kind of wine I offer, then they can BYO. Really…has anyone ever turned down a glass of wine because it came from a box, or because they were above it?! Wine is like chocolate, some is better than others, but is there really ANY bad wine? More of a preference, maybe.

  11. The real question is: how long does a box of wine even last?

    Thanks for the heads up on the typo. There were actually several, but I didn’t have time to correct anything until this morning!


  12. In the days when we were trying (and failing) to conceive, I kept a box of wine in the fridge at all times! It helped me through “infertility hell”. The box is fine by me!!

    I usually buy local, inexpensive Missouri wines. Not a snob, I just have a couple of favorites.

  13. Well, you have been missing out. You NEED to try Black Box, or hardy’s or Angel Juice. We buy them for about $20 a box and they are fab. Here we have to go to a special beer and wine store to get it, and since mama hates bringing children into the beer store, kinda embarassing, we tend to stock up. Boxed wines are great!

  14. Rebecca says:

    Glad to help. And I didn’t notice any others. This is what happens when you read too early in the morning. 🙂

  15. Gretchen says:

    I adore Franzia boxed wine…so worth the money. I buy the 2.97 stuff too…there’s a great Chardonnay by Foxhorn that I can get for $4.50 for the DOUBLE SIZED BOTTLE!

    Gotta love it!

  16. If you’ve ever watched “Arrested Development,” a character named Buster confuses the wine box with a gigantic juice box, juice being his favorite drink and the thing his mother forbids him to have.
    Used to do the wine box in college–there being a progression of wine drinking:
    Mogen David (what your parents gave you when you were little)
    white zin
    sauvingon blanc
    bordeaux (the only one not available in “box” variety)
    Now, a few kids later, I buy the $8-10 bottle, and never finish it because I have to get up in the morning, and it just doesn’t take much to make me silly.

  17. Oh, an to answer your question about how long it should last? Consider it like the oil for Hannukah, or the wine from Cana. As long as you’re sharing, may your glass (or box) never be empty.

  18. Shannon says:

    We haven’t tried box wine in ages, but regularly drink the “3 buck Chuck” (Charles Shaw) from Trader Joe’s. It’s great! And, for really special occasions, they’ve come out with a $5 “upscale” Trader Moon label….there’s a bottle of Pinot Grigio sitting on my counter right now!

  19. RosieJo says:

    Took a week long cooking class at John C Campbell Folkschool near Brasstown one summer. One of our classmates and her Mother own a Wine Shop in Tennessee. They gave us a short lesson in choosing good wine each day. They assured us box wines are a terriffic choice for amatuers (like all of us) and it is OK for me to just buy Livingston Sangria all the time if it’s what I really like…and I do. So….Wine Snobs be gone with you!! I like what I like and so do you!!!
    Jo in GA.

  20. Truth be told, I will not refuse a glass of wine!

    For the sake of a friendship, I will even suffer Boone’s Hill. Loved ones are more important than my palate!