Baby Turns Two


  1. Great commentary on NFP! I have several friends who are very peaceful about the Church's teaching, and are always open to life. But I have many more (including me!) who have gone through struggles in that area, while remaining faithful to the teachings. We have this exact conversation so many times!! Thanks for so eloquently putting it into words (as usual!) and Happy Birthday Baby Henry!!

  2. You have described my feelings PERFECTLY!! We are still in the "season" of four little ones (ages 6, 4, 2, and 1) and I hope one day I will feel ready and happy to accept another baby. We love NFP and want to do God's Will, and it's tough sometimes to figure out what that is. What a great story of how Henry came to be…Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday Little Henry. God Blessing with you always.

  4. Dear Rach, your honesty and transparency is a blessing to all, even those of us who are not married or cannot, for one reason or another, have more children. May your words continue to reach out to those who struggle, as you have done, with the wise teaching of our Church. And Happy Birthday to that little boy of yours!

  5. Happy Birthday dear Henry!

  6. Happy birthday to your little one! Always an avid follower of your blog and writings, I was pleased since our babies were born just a few days apart! My little guy turned two this past Sunday and we are so happy to have him here. He is our first and we are praying for another. God bless your family, esp. your little Henry!

  7. Ruth Anne Adams says
  8. Photo #1 is such a Norman Rockwell moment. I love that picture of you guys!

  9. ModernMom says

    An amazing story. Happy Birthday to your little one.

  10. Great post! Great blog! I see that you love Barefoot in the Park. That is one of my all-time favorite movies as well! "I've had a cold for 30 years!" Love that!

  11. Ecce Quam Bonam says

    You and Paul have built a beautiful family that is a real encouragement, even an inspiration, to so many of us. Thanks, Rach, for your faithfulness and for being so genuine.

  12. Jessica and Jacob Meza says

    Thank you so much for this candid, beautiful description of the "NFP Discussion." 🙂 I agree with a previous poster that the first picture is a true Norman Rockwell moment. The expressions on the boys' faces are wonderful! Thank you for sharing, and Happy Birthday little Henry!

  13. Yep, it is hard. And yep, they are loved.

  14. Happy Birthday Henry! Our little boy turns two on the 19th, and I too can hardly believe he's already at this milestone. He is our baby who came after an interlude, and his two big sisters love him so much! I thank God every day for his beautiful presence in our life, for the joy this baby boy has brought into our lives. Even if he is ripping apart the house any chance he gets! I hope this is not the end to our season of children. Thank you for the lovely writing on the merits and difficulties of NFP.

  15. Aussie Therese says

    I think we all go through cycles thinking that it isn't fair. I also know that when I was pregnant with our 7th child that I really really hoped that my husband and God wouldn't want us to have anymore. I know that the feeling doesn't last forever. The church really is looking out for our best interests.

  16. Anonymous says

    Oh, I love picture #1. Not posed, not contrived, just pure joy at seeing their new brother. Beautiful illustration of love.

  17. Beautiful post! And what a great gift the Church gives to us by saying "No contraception!" 🙂