Nature Walk

1705 1705_ () 1705 1705 The weather is so mild these days and we are getting to do all kinds of “normal” summertime activities, including playing in the backyard and weeding the garden. Normally the heat is so oppressive that the only time we’re outside is on the way to the car or once the sun has settled her rays for the day.

This morning I took the boys to a local nature park to feed ducks and look for alligators. We talked about popping in for a few minutes (to unload some stale bread) and when we got back in the car realized we had been watching turtles and fish and ducks (but sadly, no gators) for an hour and a half.

“I could feed ducks all day,” Elliott said with a contented sigh as we headed out of the park.

I am always so inspired by how much nature feeds our souls.

While it seems the big boys are torturing the baby, they are actually just holding his hands. He kept lifting his legs up from under himself for a “ride.” 1705″> ,