Out Damn Spot!

1726 1726_ () 1726 1726 One recent evening as I zipped from one end of the house to the other, I noticed this spot on the kitchen floor.

“What could that be,” I wondered. From where I stood it looked to be a chunk of brownie, or perhaps a clod of dirt. Maybe even something worse, which is precisely why I didn’t just swoop down and grab the unidentified object with my bare hands.

Closer, closer I crept, studying with fervor. My brain raced through the possibilities, a list that included every form of animal, vegetable or mineral I could conjure.

Finally, I reached the object. I poked at it for a moment until it moved just enough to reveal its true nature:

Stryker Strider. Or as he is now known, Aragorn the Headless Warrior.