Life. Busy.

1768 1768_ () 1768 1768 Man! Crazy busy! Life with toddler. Going superfast. Lots to say. No time for saying. Will offer a list as an excuse for lack of posts.

1. I am the chairperson for Book Fair at boys’ school. Starts tomorrow. Set up today. Dogs barkin’.

2. Henry burned his hand this morning on a WOOD BURNING KIT that someone took out (this morning. before school. without permission.) to brand some sticks he had whittled last night. Sigh. I think this sums up life in Testosterhome perfectly.

3. Do you think Henry has a special guardian angel? Sometimes I just pray that God was extra merciful to him in that department for reasons such as See Above. I’m trying not to spend too much energy worrying about it all, but sometimes I feel like the occupational hazards of having four older brothers is just, like, a lot.

4. Basketball starts NOW. I was just putting the cleats in the attic when Paul announced we were headed to the sports emporium to buy new hi-tops. Practice tonight.

5. Book edits. This is very fun, takes lots of time. It’s exciting because to me it seems like the hard work of “building” the thing is done and now I’m just coming in to fine-tune. Mostly what it takes is lots of uninterrupted time, which is hard to come by. I did a good job of carving out some time this morning and this past weekend and I’m cruising right along.

Okay, I think that’s enough. Must go feed the boys. I’m kinda hoping they feel like the 4 p.m. snack (of homemade cheeseburgers!) will count for something but that seems unlikely at best. 1768″>



  1. right with you. warp speed. if you see a blur, it is probably us.

  2. I hear ya! We should have Henry's guardian angel and my daughter's guardian angel meet up to compare stories. I had just posted about Lauren's guardian angel on my blog after her most recent accident. They seems to be never ending with her, so I know her guardian angel is working overtime! 🙂

  3. Kids and burning things aaarrrggghhh!!! Growing up, my little sister burned her hand on my curling iron. Older siblings are a health hazard regardless of gender! But the relationships are wonderful life sustaining. I hope that it all balances out.