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— 1 —

First and foremost, I’m thinking of all those people in Haiti, of the utter fear and misery that comes with such a catastrophic natural disaster. I’m saying a lot of prayers for all those suffering in the midst of this.

— 2 —

Paul and I are speaking at an Engaged Encounter tonight. We don’t normally speak at this particular encounter, usually we do one in the summer at another local parish. We went back and forth about speaking, mostly because I wasn’t sure what our schedule would look like for this weekend. We finally decided we would speak.

This morning I got a text from Paul.

Him: I totally forgot. Are we speaking at that thing tonight? What’s our topic?

Me: Communication.

This is gonna be good.

— 3 —

I am still mulling over the pros and cons of getting an ipod touch. It’s ridiculous the amount of thought I have put into this. I have such a love/hate relationship with technology. On the one hand I LOVE the idea of picking and choosing the music I want in our home (instead of buying entire CD’s). And when my brother was here, the boys loved playing with his iphone (and the touch offers the chance to have all those same apps). Over at Faith and Family we’ve done a few posts on the many wonderful uses for this technology and it really does boil down to making sure technology works for you, and not the other way around.

The flip side is that I don’t want this “toy” to become another thing I have to deal with. I think it would be great within some guidelines, as long as it doesn’t become some tool to isolate members of the family. This is my beef with getting the boys their own ipods, and why I have refused. I don’t want them shutting themselves off from the rest of the family. For now, when someone wants to sit (here and there) to listen, he can borrow my tiny little ipod shuffle.

— 4 —

I am potty training Henry. We are almost through day two and things are going great. I will admit this is the second (or third?) time I’ve tried. Last time, Henry did great for a day or two and then started fighting me when I put him on the pot. And because I was in the throes of morning sickness, I said “you know what? YOU WIN!” This is an approach I have never taken with any of the boys in the past. My motto has always been “the child is ready to potty train when the momma is ready for him to be potty trained.” I guess the first time out, I just wasn’t really ready.

— 5 —

The big boys are going on a massive camping trip with Scouts next weekend. They are going to be cold. We need to start gathering all the gear they will need for the trip, including hand warmers and twelve layers of long johns. Also, my oldest is doing a seven-mile hike one of the days and if you would pray for him (okay, pray for me) that would be perfect. I’m trying not to think about all the news stories I read concerning Scouts and hikes and a boy getting off the trail. Paul assures me this will not happen and it’s yet another example of me just trusting my man to keep me calm.

— 6 —

The boys are just getting home from school. Henry has been waiting by the back gate, patiently digging in the dirt while holding out for that first glimpse. When he saw them coming down the driveway just now he yelled, “Brothers! Brothers!”

— 7 —

I had a moment the other day, while checking out the Hanna Andersson website. In the baby clearance section I stumbled across this, which sent me into a few minutes of deep longing. I got over it, but someone do me a favor and just buy that thing. It’s so cute and such a good deal and then if I somehow have a girl, I can just borrow it from you.

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  1. The iPod touch: Just do it. You will LOVE it. My iPhone has been my sanity while nursing a newborn in the night, rocking a newborn to sleep, holding a newborn while he naps . . . you get the picture. I adore it!

  2. My daughter had the little red dress (different version) for Christmas one year – with the ruffled bottom tights and all! I was the most adorable thing ever.

    Also, I am on the iPod Touch fence also. I want one but not sure if I should buy a reconiditioned one or a new one.

  3. #2: hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ok, sorry, #6: even more hilarious!!! (I guess I should read the whole post before commenting …)

  5. #5 – scout winter camping makes me noivus too!

  6. So I'm rummaging through the sales bins at Walmart trying hard to find a deal on a few of the twelve required layers and trying hard not to think about The Shack. And my mind starts wandering – Does Tim know to stay put if lost? Will he be carrying water on his person? Will cell phones at least reach the ranger station?

    Waaay out of my comfort zone.

    – Kelly

  7. just buy the dress & if ya don't need it- wrap it up for your next friend pregnant w/ a girl!

  8. Totally unrelated to your post, but this ad for something called "the buried life list" is coming up on your page on the left hand side, and it covers over part of whatever the current post is. I can't turn it off and it's driving me crazy, because I can't read what you've written. Can you get rid of it??? Or tell me how to turn it off??

  9. Heather Viz says

    I just got an i touch, and it's awesome. My Paul knows all about it too, so if you want some help give us a call. Also, I have lots od cute girly clothes…just incase.

  10. I big pink puffy heart Hanna Andersson. Everything is so darling.
    Now, I am totally kind of a little bit crossing my fingers for you to have a boy because I still can't get over how darn cool it would be for you to be able to say you have "half a dozen boys" – plus that fact that you already have 5 totally adorable boys, so you have obviously perfected that recipe. BUT, I JUST KNOW that if you have a girl, you will have SO.MUCH.FUN. dressing the sweet little thing! Plus she will be so adored by all her brothers. Oh how awesome it will be, boy or girl, when this baby comes. Can't wait for you, Mrs. Testosterhome!

  11. We are also on the fence about the I-Touch. We don't have any sort of MP3 player, and we'd love to be able to listen to music and watch videos on it.

    And I was happy to do you a favor and buy that dress and matching tights! I'm due with baby #3 in July, and the gender is going to be a surprise, but my gut says it's another girl. If it's a boy, I know I can give it as a gift to a friend who has a girl. 🙂

  12. Just read #2 aloud to my husband. HAhahaha.

    Just got back from visiting my 14 yr old sister. I'd say a definite NO on the itouch. Just sayin'.

  13. I peeked at the Hanna goods and all I can say is "ADORABLE!" At this very moment, I am nursing my SIXTH daughter in a row and thanking God for such a gift. The dresses and hairdos make Sunday a.m. a bit more harried but boy do they look lovely! If you have a girl, just email me and I will share all the Hanna treasures! (BTW, we do have ONE boy!).

  14. Potamiaena says

    I love my Ipod, it's so wonderful–I use it to listen to podcasts. But I think you should NOT buy one for yourself. Your boys would get ahold of it and want to play with it. Negiotiations would occur on a minute by minute basis. It's so easy for the young people to get "addicted" to those electronic devices. Perhaps in a couple years? My two cents worth. . .

  15. My boys are doing their "freeze out" camp out this weekend with scouts. They actually root for it to be cold. The troop has several large dining flies and many tarps so a big part of the activity Friday is constructing a giant cabin-like structure, which they can then heat.

    Yes, they will do a hike, too, but only 6 miles. We live near winter feeding grounds for bald eagles, so eagle watching is the big activity for them.

    This year not so much of a freeze out. A "mildly chilly out" instead with a high of 52 for Saturday!
    I was nervous the first time they did this, but after I heard about the "cabin" I'm totally ok with it.