Way Back When, in Spica Season

1836 1836_ () 1836 1836 I was going through pictures recently and came across this batch from the day Henry broke his leg.

Something about the passage of time makes me appreciate pictures more, and even now, only a few months later can I look at these with a greater gratitude to God for getting us through. I’m also overwhelmed by the gift he has given me in my husband and boys.

I’m also still so amazed at how the body can heal. My dad and I watched Henry pretending to march like an elephant last night, noting that not too long ago he was locked up in a full-body cast with a broken femur.

God is good. 1836″>



  1. Rachel-
    I can relate. Both of my children have been hospitalized in their short lives. My son in the NICU for ten days with critical lung problems and my daughter for four days following skull surgery. Each time the doctors and nurses encouraged us to take pictures especially during the hardest periods. Through all the stress, tears and anxiety we followed their advice and we're so glad we did. Now we can look back and say "Look what we made it through!"

    Today we have two completely healthy kids. God IS good indeed.

  2. You know Henry is surrounded by love when we can smile that big AND have a full body cast on!!

  3. Oh those spica days! I remember when my 3 yr old broke his on the soccer field. (We suggested the bean bags to you for Henry.) The most fun is now watching that almost 6 year old jump up and down on the trampoline at the gymnasium as if nothing ever happened. Yes, thanks be to God for all that he has given us!