A New Family Game

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Here’s a little something we like to call “Papal Darts.”
The other night Ethan was throwing a Nerf dart at our framed poster of the Popes (you can trace our Catholic heritage from St. Peter all the way down to the present. Very cool. Thank you, Fr. Tim!).

“Ethan,” I said, “don’t do that please.”

“But we’re learning about the Popes,” he pleaded. “I throw it, and then we go read about whoever the dart landed on.”

Paul added that this could be a great way to come up with a name for the new baby (assuming it’s a boy).

And thus, a family game is created. And maybe a baby name chosen. We shall see. (Don’t hold your breath, Cletus.)

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  1. Lady Caitie in the Pretty City says

    Though, "Sixtus" would be perfectly appropriate! 🙂

  2. "And so our stories go..." says

    Aw, I wish I would have had boys just for the noise and ruckus. Enjoy, they grow up fast.

  3. Grace in my Heart says

    I just started reading your blog as my husband and I recently adopted a baby boy. I have no clue about boys so I'm really enjoying your stories! Thanks for sharing and I love the creative game they came up with, haha!

  4. Charlotte (Matilda) says

    My husband keeps using the Papal name argument to try to get a Linus in the family. Not gonna do it!

  5. Life in the Fifties says

    My husband and I first called our babies Cletus (the fetus.) Then as each Cletus grew and matured and would likely survive if born (about 5 months?) we changed their names to the bigger name of Bubba (the baby.) Cletus actually grew on me, and the name will always be special. My grown kids all roll their eyes at the sonogram pictures labeled "Cletus I, Cletus II,…..

  6. So Nerf guns CAN be put to good educational use! Randy just bought Myles a nerf gun with laser sight. There are darts everywhere right now

  7. All of our kids have been "Cletus the Fetus" in utero, too! 🙂

  8. Anonymous says

    Lady Caitie took mine!



  9. Love that you took the time to document how the game is played. 🙂

    De-lurking to also add that I saw this video and thought of you.

  10. Would they consider trading the "Vicar Darts" for flash cards? Less traumatic for the pontiff's faces –

  11. Anonymous says

    Love it! I have 3 boys and read your blog often. Can't wait for your new book! Question, where did you get this poster? Would like to have one.

  12. Dorian Speed says

    Your world is awesome.

  13. Tom in Vegas says

    First and foremost, congratulations on the new baby. Hope all is going well. Secondly, what an interesting way Ethan has of learning about the Popes. I think (and I may be wrong) Ethan enjoys breaking mach 3 with those darts and might be using and educational argument to get away with it:0]

    Boys will be boys, right?

    BTW, you have five kids? ALL boys??? You might be closer to sainthood than most people. I think I'd be on Cymbalta right about now:0]

  14. Thanks for stopping by new readers! Nice to have you!

    The poster came from Rome — a friend of ours was doing seminarian studies there and brought it back for us.

  15. Anonymous says

    uh, there is a lamp by the poster. Are your kids THAT good that they do not dart the lamp?

  16. Yes, they are *that* accurate. Amazing.