Cleaning Out My Cellphone Camera

1850 1850_ () 1850 1850 Do you ever have some pictures you just love, and you’re not sure why? That’s how I feel about this first picture (below). I think it’s because Henry and I were curled up on the couch all cozy together, him eating popcorn and (kinda) sharing with me. A sweet few moments. Later, let’s all have a discussion about my staircase risers and maybe you could leave a comment on how to paint them in a way to mask those scuff marks? Thanks!This picture is called “Shopping with Aunt JoJo.” We saw this hat, which matches exactly the hat Uncle Zachy wore recently. He now plays with a band that covers Beatles tunes and they are amazing. We went to a concert last weekend and it was some of the most fun I’ve had in a while.

Ahhh. A quiet moment. (New car seat pictured in back there.)

I love this picture because every time I looked at it on my phone, I didn’t even see the large protrusion off the front. A funny illusion. This one we call “35 Weeks”.

And one last snow picture I found that I don’t think I ever downloaded. That was a fun few days. Now I’m ready for Spring. Bring it!




  1. Danielle M. says:

    Stair risers: we have white semi-gloss paint and use a magic eraser (my kids love to do this, especially when I tell them it's magic!). Every 6 months or so, I re-roll some paint over the worst of it with one of those little foam rollers takes about 10 minutes.
    Love your pics.

  2. Magic eraser is amazing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Magic eraser is awesome. Just one caution – it does burn skin – be sure the kids know that first 🙂 I thought that warning was an urban legend until my friend's son was burned after using one on his skin.


  4. Danielle M. says:

    I have never heard this, and we use Magic Erasers all the time. Do you know how it burns and under what circumstances? I am very concerned as I have my children use these quite often and I don't want to endanger them.

  5. Danielle M. says:

    OK – last comment I promise, but I just did a little research, including snopes, and found that the claims of burning were unfounded and widespread internet rumor. I feel comfortable continuing to have my children use this product in the way it was intended (just to be clear, I understand it may cause irritation if rubbed on the skin repeatedly, my kids are old enough – 7 and 9 – to use it correctly). I just wanted to post again to prevent others from worrying as I did after the last comment.

  6. canewton42 says:

    Wow! Great minds think alike. I was going to suggest the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser also. I've even used store brands and found they worked the same.

  7. Dorian Speed says:

    Is his uncle in Abbey Road by any chance? They played for our prom a couple of years ago and they were incredible!

    Also, I saw the illusion photo on my cell phone at first and experienced the same confusion. "Why is it called '35 Weeks'?"

  8. Dorian Speed says:

    Okay, apparently there are lots of bands called Abbey Road. And the band we had is called Abbey Road LIVE. And they are truly awesome.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I too think they are fine if used according to the package directions. But, the problem came when the Magic Eraser seemed like a good way to erase some paint/marker from the child's skin. The vigorous rubbing action apparently can cause burns. We still use the product but warn the kids not to be tempted to try to "erase" something on their own skin 🙂


  10. Jenn @ Beautiful Calling says:

    Love the fuzzy hat!